3/20 Sengoku 7 - RESULTS

Friday 20 March 2009

It is Sengoku's turn to kick off the featherweight GP, DREAM started their earlier this month and I will call it a bit disappointing. Lets hope the Sengoku GP lives up to expectations.

I will be posting the results live, or close to it here.

Spoilers for those who read on (starting 5PM Japan time). This event should air LIVE on HDNet!

Some background reading:
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Sherdog PbP

1. Feather GP: Seiya Kawahara 6-1-0 vs. 6-0-0 Nick Denis
Nick Denis is too strong for Kawahara, TKO in ROund 1.

2. Feather GP: Tetsuya Yamada 3-0-0 vs. 16-1-1 Ronnie Mann
Yamada is impressive and showes that he has ground skills. Mann has been mostly on the defensive (I disagree with the Sherdog scores then...). Awesome first round by both fighters though. Mann looks like the fresher fighter coming out for round 2.

Round 2 is clearly for Mann, Yamamda gets taken down and though he is never really in danger does little to do damage. Yamamda has tried to work a kimura, but so far Mann has been able to avoid.

Yamada comes out hard in the final round, but Mann takes it to the ground. Yamada looks like he is getting tired and Mann is taking over. It goes the distance, and it should go to Mann.

Ronnie Mann gets a close decision. 3-0

3. Feather GP: Shintaro Ishiwatari 6-1-3 vs. 2-0-0 Jung Chan Sung
The fighters come out swinging. Ishiwatari is the better technical striker, but Jung has the reach, and tags Ishiwatari. As Ishiwatari goes to the ground, Jung gets the back and sinks in the rear-naked choke. Round 1 submission win. Awesome fight.

4. Feather GP: Masanori Kanehara 11-5-5 vs. 3-5-3 Jong Man Kim
Kanehara controls round 1 and had Kim in trouble, Kim went to the ground but Kanehara got stuck in the half guard (I suspect his ZST experience worked against him here). Kanehara wins round 1.

Kanehara is in control most of the round, but just as the time is running out Kim gets a guilliotine attempt that looks very tight. We will never know if this would finish the fight, as the bell rings. Kanehara should be in control at this point.

Another close, but action packed fight goes the distance. Kanehara should get this IMO.

Kanehara gets the decsion 3-0.

5. Feather GP: Marlon Sandro 12-0-0 vs. 9-4-0 Matt Jaggers
Sandro is able to get the takedowns, but is not able to advance. Every time Sandro advance his position, Jaggers reverses. A VERY close round, but Sandro has the takedowns.

Sandro takes the fight to the ground again, and gets Katagatame choke in round 2.

6. Feather GP: Michihiro Omigawa 4-7-1 vs. 13-1-0 L.C. Davis
Omigawa gets the take down and works his way to mount. He is having a hard time utilizing it though. As Davis tries to get out, Omigawa gets the back, then the arm and the round ends. Omigawa wins round 1.

Its like Omigawa has figured out how he should fight... He is able to take Davis down againg, but Davis gets back up. Davis needs to keep this fight standing, round 2 is very close though. I think Omigawa has control at this point.

Records mean nothing, and here is the proof! Omigawa has dominated Davis, Davis has not been able to do anything to stop Omigawa's offence.

Omigawa gets the decision 3-0!

BREAK TIME: There is a break, and Satoru Kitaoka enters the ring. He will defend his belt in August, and he will fight once before that.

7. Non-GP Heavy: James Thompson 14-9-0 vs. 9-2-0 "Big" Jim York
Thompson runs in and misses, York follows up and starts the round better. It is a slugfest and "Big" Jim hits with a left that sends Thompson to the ground, KO win for "Big" Jim York.

8. Feather GP: Hideki Kadowaki 13-8-2 vs. 14-5-0 Nam Phan
Phan sends the former Shooto champion to the ground in the first round. A right hook sends Kadowaki down, big KO win. Kadowaki was never able to get it to the ground in an action packed 1st round.

9. Feather GP: Hatsu Hioki 17-3-2 vs. 6-0-2 Chris Manuel
Hioki is on the offensive from the start, Manuel does well to defend all the submission attempts from Hioki. Eventually Hioki has a mounted triangle and the fight is over. A DOMINATING performance!!

Main Event: Non-GP Light-Heavy:
10. Ryo Kawamura 9-3-2 vs. 3-0-0 Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal
Kawamura looks like he is being outpowered early on. Kawamura survives round 1, but its all King Mo.

Looks like Kawamura got poked in the eye, and it takes up a lot of time, twice. "King Mo" gets a yellow and he has never gone this far in a fight... It is closer in round 2, but Kawamura looks the more defensive fighter. This round might be a draw due to the yellow card though.

"King Mo" looks like he is more comfortable getting the takedowns now. Kawamura is the one fighting to stand up, but King Mo just continues to take it to the ground. The fight goes the distance, but it should go to King Mo.

King Mo gets the decision 3-0


Chris 20 March 2009 at 09:37  

Do you know if the event started on time in Japan? HDNet delayed the broadcast by an hour...

Borre 20 March 2009 at 09:58  

Should start just about now.

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