K-1 World GP Ring-Girls

Friday 27 March 2009

My piece on the Sengoku Ring-girls was one of the more popular post that I have made (no kidding)... If you missed it, its here.

From that we learned that the ring-girls normally do more than carry signs around, and hopefully we get to learn a bit more about what the K-1 girls does as well.

From left: Saki Akai, Maki Issou, Eri Sakai and Eriko Fujimoto.

Saki Akai, born January 24 1987, have 3 videos out, there are "idol" type, which means running around in bikinies etc. There is a huge market for these type of videos in Japan, but I never really got into it. She is also a model, and was one of the santa girls on a Tempur exhibition. Here are some more picutres of her in action.

DVD Covers:

Maki Issou, born March 15 1989, also has 2 videos idol videos out. She has been a swimsuit model, and is from Ishikawa prefecture. Maki was also on the cover of Funride magazine in December 2008. Here are some pictures of her.

DVD Covers:

Eri Sakai, born September 28 1986, is an accomplished model, winning "Miss" type competitions in Japan. She also has 5 DVDs out, I have been able to find the cover of 2 and the back of 1 of them. She also likes dressing up for Christmas.

DVD Covers:

Eriko Fujimoto, born August 2 1981, is a very different kind of model, and was Japan's representative in the 2004 Miss World competition. She has also been on several TV shows in Japan. Here are some pictures of her.


Unknown 18 September 2009 at 15:39  

I like saki akai the best, she's from Kyoto and her dad is a former pro boxer

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