11/1 HEAT 12 - RESULTS

Monday 2 November 2009

HEAT 12 took place in Heat's hometown of Nagoya yesteray.

It was a good card, and ended up being an action packed event.

Main-Event HEAT Kick Rule:
9. Heavy (100kg):Tatsufumi Tomihira Def. Yuki "Strike" Tanaka by KO (3 down) Round 1 1:53

8. MMA-Rule Heavy: Lee Chang Seob Def. Henry "Sentoryu" Miller by TKO Round 1 0:53
7. Kick-Rule Middle: Danilo Zanolini Def. Oh Doo Seck by Decision 3-0 Ext. Round
6. Kick-Rule Middle: Masato Uchiyama Def. Shingo Garyu by Technical Decision 3-0 The doctor stoped the fight after an accidental head butt at 1:21 in Round 2.

5. MMA-Rule Light: "Armbar" Kim Def. Hideki Kishimoto by KO Round 1 0:18
4. Kick-Rule Heavy (100kg): Scorpion Def. Makoto by TKO Round 2 1:17
3. Kick-Rule 60kg: Gaku "Marry" Sakai Def. King Kohei by Decision 3-0
King Kohei was knocked down once in round 1 and yellow carded in round 3, giving the win to "Merry" Sakai.

2. MMA-Rule Feather: Jun Kito Def. Masahiro Iwasaki by Decision 2-1 Ext. Round
1. Kick-Rule Middle: Tadamasa Tomihira Def. Marcio Matsumoto by Decision 3-0

HEAT New Age:
4. MMA-Rule 70kg: Masaomi Kamino Def. Yasutomo Katsuki by Decision 2-0
3. Kick-Rule 67kg: Yusuke Suzuki vs. Kazuto Murokawa Draw (0-1)
2. MMA-Rule 80kg: Mankey B Koji Def. Youichi Ozawa by rear-naked choke Round 1 2:58
1. Kick-Rule 58kg: Marcos Maejima Def. (Rajin) 特攻隊長雷神 by Decision 3-0

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