11/23 ZST 22 - Kanehara in Tag-Team Fight

Friday 13 November 2009

ZST have announced an additional 3 fights for their 7 year anniversary card. Sengoku champion is making his highly anticipated return to ZST, but as expected it will not be a MMA rules fight. I am sure he already has one eye on NYE and he will be in a tag-team grappling fight against anothe Sengoku veteran, Tetsuya Yamada.

Daisuke Nakamura is fighting MMA rule though, and he is facing Naoyuki Kotani in a fight that will be very interesting.

Light: Naoyuki Kotani 19-9-6 vs. 20-10-0 Daisuke Nakamura
Light tag-team(grappling Rule 1x15min.):
Masanori Kanehara & TBA vs. Takumi Yano & Tetsuya Yamada
Feather: Ko Inatsu vs. 8-3-5 Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura

Previously Announced:
Light-Heavy (2x5min): Osami Shibuya 38-32-16 vs. 5-0-2 Nobutatsu Suzuki
Light (2x5min): Kenichi Ito 6-3-4 vs. 7-9-8 Masayuki Okude

SWAT Bouts:
Fly: Hiroyuki Aoh 1-1-0 vs. 4-2-0 Yuru Hayasaka
Bantam: Goro Kobayashi 5-4-5 vs. 7-7-4 Toshihiro Shimizu
Bantam: Kengo Okubo 1-3-0 vs. TBA
Feather: Kohei Kuraoka 7-3-0 vs. 3-0-0 Masamitsu Nakamura
Feather: Akira Omura 0-13-1 (2 NC) vs. 1-2-1 Shinya Irei
Feather (GT-F Rule): Hitoshi Makino vs. TBA
Light: Ryoji Suzuki 4-3-3 vs. 3-0-1 Motoki Osako
Light: Kota Okazawa 6-3-3 vs. 0-2-0 Takashi Yasui
Light: Yoshihiro Sato 0-3-0 vs. 0-1-0 Hiroshi Sato
Light (GT-F Rule): Hiroyuki Ota vs. Takahiro Futatsumori
Welter: Masayuki Hamagishi 2-2-3 vs. Hiroshi Takahashi
Middle: Keisuke Onuma 1-5-1 vs. 11-10-5 Hidenobu Koike

Genesis Bouts:
Fly: Tomoaki Ota vs. Shohei Watanabe
Fly: Keita Fukuhara vs. Hiroshi Koda
Bantam: Yosuke Hatori vs. Masatoshi Kondo
Light (GT-F Rule): Toshihisa Shinomiya vs. Evardo Santos

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