12/6 Pancrase Changing Tour 8 - Fight Order

Thursday 26 November 2009

Pancrase have announced the fight order for their next event, which has 2 title fights.

The main event will be the middleweight king of Pancrase fight between Takeuchi and Kanai. That means that Sengoku veteran and light-heavyweight champion Ryo Kawamura will be in the co-main event when he defends his title against Shunsuke Inoue.

The featherweight fight between "J-Taro" and Tashiro "Akai" that was scheduled have been cancelled due to injury on both fighters.

On the undercard will be a amature tournament, when the winner getting a professional Pancrase "license", I am not sure if there is more to this but a good chance for these fighters to show themselves.

Main Event - Middleweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
8. (Champion) Izuru Takeuchi 25-10-7 vs. 10-10-3 Ichiro Kanai (Challenger)

Light Heavyweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
7. Ryo Kawamura (Champion) 10-5-2 vs. 7-3-2 Shunsuke Inoue

6. Fly: Takuya Eizumi 5-3-0 vs. 2-4-1 Takuma Ishii
5. Light: Takafumi Ito 34-29-10 vs. 7-3-1 Hisaki "Kotobukimaru" Hiraishi
4. Feather: Kenji Arai 15-13-4 vs. 13-4-5 Tomonori Kanomata
3. Light: Yuichi Ikari 11-7-3 vs. 8-5-5 Keigo Hirayama
2. Bantam: Hayato Shimizu 5-3-2 vs. 7-7-4 Toshihiro Shimizu
1. Light: Junichi Ota 3-2-2 vs. 2-0-0 Juntaro Ami

Under card:
Pancrase Gate Pro-promotion Tournament Finals (Neo-Blood Rule):

Light: Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2
Feather: Winner SF1 vs. Winner SF2

Professional Pancrase fights:
Bantam: Shoko Sato 4-2-2 vs. 1-0-0 Yuta Numakura
Fly: Hiroyuki "Katsuo" Nakajima 0-1-0 vs. 3-4-0 Yoshihiro Matsunaga

Pancrase Gate Pro-promotion Tournament Semi-Finals (Neo-Blood Rule):
SF2 - Light: Naoki Tajima vs. Akihito Hara
SF1 - Light: Koji Obata vs. Daisuke Shimoyama

SF2 - Feather: Kiyama vs. Junro Kubota
SF1 - Feather: Takashi Ito vs. Chuichiro Takahashi

Ticket Prices:
SS 10,000円 
A 8,000円 
Hybrid Ticket 6,000円(Only advance sale)
B 6,000円 
C 5,000円
At the door, add 500円

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