MMA Week Coming up

Sunday 6 July 2008

Well, I guess its not officially MMA week, but for me it wil be. Between July 17-24 there are so many events happening that it is hard to choose what to go to. Anyway, here is the schedule:

7/17 -
DEEP/M-1 Challenge in Korakuen Hall
7/18 -
Shooto Tradition 2 in Korakuen Hall
7/20 -
ZST - SWAT 19 in Gold's Gym South Annex
7/21 - DREAM 5 in Osaka Jo Hall
(card not offical, this is what we have so far)
7/21 - GCM Demolition in Differ Ariake (card not announced)
7/21 - Shoot Boxing in Korakuen Hall (card not announced)
7/24 - SmackGirl ReMix Tournament Finals in Korakuen Hall(I will have something here shortly)

I have deceided to go to Shooto and DREAM for that week. I hope to get to DEEP and SmackGirl as well, but will see how the finances are doing :).

In regonition of MMA Week, I will give you some videos of fighters participating.

Joachim Hansen vs. Olof Inger (from Finn-Fight 5 2001). This is the early days of Joachim's career, a decision win (its not easy to make out the result in the video) in his 3rd fight. A video I havnt seen before and I am sure fans will appreaciate.

Mamoru Yamaguchi is fighting "BJ" Kojima in the main event of Shooto - Tradition 2. Should be a good event, here are some highlights.

Daisuke Nakamura is fighting in the DEEP/M-1 Challenge. Here he is tapping (or maybe that should be not tapping...) against Vitor Ribeiro.

Megumi Fujii is fighting Ana Michelle Tavares in the final of the ReMix Tournament. This is her opening fight against Cindy Hales. Mega-Megu is currently 15-0-0 in MMA, and in the final she will meet a very competent fighter in Ana Michelle Tavares, I will post one of her fights too.

Ana Michelle Tavares has fought Mega-Megu before and lost by decision. Can she win this time? Here she is in the opening round against Kyoko Takabayashi.

And of course we cant forget the DREAM finalists. This is a higlight video of Shinya Aoki. I am sure I will have more chances to post the rest of the fighters in this tournament.


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