7/17 DEEP/M-1 - Challenge 5

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Saeki announced earlier this week that DEEP will co-produce M-1 Challenge 5 in Korakuen Hall July 17. This is an event format where 2 countries are pitted against eachother and they fight 5 fights in different weight divisions.

There is no doubt that this will be an exciting night in Korakuen Hall. For those who want to stay there over night can watch Shooto Tradition 2 the following day as well!

Participating this time in Japan are:
Group A: France Vs. USA 5 Fights
Group B: Japan V. Nederlands 5 Fights

The fights will be fought like this:

Japan vs. Nederlands
70kg: Daisuke Nakamura 14-9-0 Vs.4-2-1 Bogdan Cristea
76kg: Ken Hamamura 14-4-4 Vs. 2-3-0 Mehemt Uygun
84kg: Yuta Watanabe 8-1-3 Vs. 4-3-0 Jason Jones
93kg: Yuji Sakuragi 9-11-1 Vs. 4-2-0 Kamil Uygun
+93kg: Katsuhisa Fujii 8-14-1 Vs. 4-1-0 Jessie Gibson

France Vs. USA
Samuel Judes 2-1-0 Vs. 1-0-0 Keith Perrigon
Farouk Lakebir 2-0-0 Vs. 0-1-0 Vince Ortiz
Karl Amoussou-Guenou 6-1-1 Vs. 3-0-0 Jason Bukich
Christian Mpumbu Ndjoku Vs. 5-0-0 Bryan Harper
Malick Ndiaye 1-1-0 Vs. 2-1-0 James Jack
Bertland Amoussou-Guenou Vs. X

*I am not a 100% confident in all the records here, but I have done my best. I think most should be ok. Please leave a comment if you have more up to date information.

Ticket Prices:
VIP 10,000円 
Other 5,000円
At the door +500円


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