6/8 Sengoku III - Live Play-by-Play ***SPOILERS***

Sunday 8 June 2008

Sengoku holds their 3rd event today, this might be the "weakest" card so far, in the biggest arena, but lets wait and see. There are some exciting fighters on the card, and it should be good event.

The broadcast has started, the event is being shown on SkyPerfect, if you are in Japan. I am not aware of it being shown anywhere else.

There are not a lot of people so far, still early though. Let's hope the audience is stil making their way in. Looks like there are more people now, but far from full.

The fighters are now being presented.

Some new fighters are being presented in the break, Zurab Zviadauri, Georgi Gogchelidze, Eldari Kurtanidze, Ramaz Nodzadze (silver medal 2004 Olympics), Frank Trigg,

Lightweight Tournament Participants: Duane Ludwig, Rodrigo Damm, Yokota Kazunori, Mitsuoka Eiji, Satoru Kitaoka

Over all, this was this was probably the weakest Sengoku event so far... Fight of the night was Thompson vs. Costa, without a doubt!

1. Fabio Silva Def. Kazuo Takahashi by KO Round 2.
2. Rodrigo Damm Def. Jorge Masvidal by TKO Round 2
3. Marcio Cruz Def. Choi Mu Bae by Triangle choke Round 1
4. Sanae Kikuta Def. Chris Rice by arm-bar Round 1.
5. Nick Thompson Def. Michael Costa by Kimura Round 2
6. Kazuo Misaki Def. Logan Clark by decision 3-0
7. Travis Wiuff Def. Kazuyuki Fujita by TKO Round 1.

8. Hidehiko Yoshida Def. Maurice Smith

8. Hidehiko Yoshida Def. Maurice Smith
The fighters for the main event are entering the ring!
Round 1: The fight has started. A careful start from both fighters. Yoshida has said before the fight that he wants to win by KO. But from how this looks, Smith wants this standing and Yoshida wants to take this to the ground. The first take down attempt is unsuccessful. But then Yoshida gets the fight down. Yoshida on top now. Yoshida chokes him out with a head-lock. I did not see a tap, but the result was clear.

7. Travis Wiuff Def. Kazuyuki Fujita by TKO Round 1.
They have changed the ring announcer. And the fighters are entering now.
Round 1: Fujita the more agressive initially. Wiuff hits with a left cross and KO's Iron-head Fujita! It is a TKO, the ref jumped in and saved Fujita from the bombs Wiuf were dropping after Fujita fell. It was close to the first punch Wiuff hits with and I am sure he will be pleased with this victory.

6. Kazuo Misaki Def. Logan Clark by decision 3-0
Fighters in the ring.
Round 3: The first fight that makes it to the 3rd round. Clark moves more forward initially, but not able to hit. Finally, Clark hits with a good right. Misaki goes down, but is able to recover. THe fight goes to the ground for the first time, Clark on the botton with Misaki in half guard. Misaki stands up, and the ref asks them both to stand. Clark is more in the fight now, but it might be too late. CLark has to move forward now, 1 minute left. The fight goes to the ground again, Misaki on top. Misaki is trying stomps, but that should be illegal... I dont know what he is thinking! Misaki should win this by decision, but deserves to be close to a diqualification or point loss in the last 10 seconds.
Round 2: Misaki hits with a high-kick. this round start much more agressive. Clark throws a low kick that hits illegal. But Misaki recovers quickly. Misaki hits with a straight right. Then Clark hits. They are trading punches and the fight has still not gone to the ground. Clark is unable to get the right distance and it looks like Misaki is in control. Misaki starting to hit more now. Clark is mostly in the middle with Misaki controling the distance. Round finishes with Misaki taking this one.
Round 1: The fighters are starting carefully. Some punches from Clark that hits air. Clark chasing Misaki, but not able to hit him. Misaki moves back and hits with some punches, but no damage. Fight has not gone to the ground yet, and no damage done. Both fighters hit with a hook, but they are both ok. The fighters look more comfortable now. No fighters hitting and the round ends. Misaki is constantly backing up, but he has hit the most. I would give the round to Misaki, but its very close.

5. Nick Thompson Def. Michael Costa by Kimura Round 2
The ring announcer is starting to annoy me (a matter of taste), but otherwise the show has been good. The fighters are making their way now.
Round 2: Fighters trying some kicks and punches now. Costa continuing on Thompson's left leg. Costa is very close with an overhand right. Costa hits with a punch and is knocked down. Thompson really looked damaged for a second. So far this is the best fight. Thompson gets on top, Costa with triangle attempt. Thompson gets on top again and gets an arm-lock. Costa taps. Round 1: Costa immidiately takes the fight to the ground. Thompson immidiately starts working on a Kimura. It changes to an arm-bar and its looking close, for now Costa is able to hold on and escapes. Costa in Thompson's guard now. A few punches, but no damage done from the top. The ref moves them to the middle, but Costa still in Thimpson's guard. less than 1 minute left. Thompson with a rubber guard attempt, but time will run out. Costa stands up and kicks Thompsons left thigh as the round finishes. Round to Thompson.

4. Sanae Kikuta Def. Chris Rice by arm-bar Round 1.
Chris Rice is in the ring, Kikuta making his way now.
Round 1: Kikuta dives in, but Rice escapes. Again, Kikuta jumps in and Rice goes for a guilliotine. Kikuta escapes and goes to half guard. Then he gets mount, lets see what he can do, he has not done any damage so far. Rice tries to escape and Kikuta tries an arm-bar. Kikuta gets the arm-bar and the fight is over.

3. Marcio Cruz Def. Choi Mu Baeby Triangle choke Round 1
Round 1: Looks like Choi is stunned by some punches early on, but he recovers and they hit the ground. Cruz on top. Choi has half guard. Choi gets up. Cruz has Choi to the ropes, and they go down. Cruz is able to punch Choi and gets his back. He is high for a rear-naked and is unable to finish. Still on Choi's back, Crus is getting a lot of unanswered punches in. It is a question of how long before the ref stops this, but for now they can continue. Cruz is going for a triangle choke from the back. He is able to secure it, total domination by Cruz.

2. Rodrigo Damm Def. Jorge Masvidal
This is the fight I am looking forward to the most on this card. 2 exciting fighters that I have not seen much of so far. Fighters are making their way to the ring now.
Round 2: Second round has started, again fighters are careful. Both fighters looking for openings on their feet, but nothing hitting the target. American fans would be boo'ing at this stage. Masvidal has hit with a few legkicks, but that's all... Then suddenly out nowhere a right that KO's Masvidal. A pre-mature stoppage in my eyes...
Round 1: Fight has started. Damm starts with a leg kick. Fighters are standoffish in the start. Nothing hit som far. Masvidal is throwing kicks, while Damm is trying to close the distance with punches. Damm goes down from a punch and the fight goes to the ground. Some scrappy takedown attempts and they go out of the ring, the ref stands them up. Interesting developement, Damm seems to get the better of the fight on the feet, almost hits with a high-kick. Round is over, with no real damage done. Round to Damm (in my book).

1. Fabio Silva Def. Kazuo Takahashi by KO Round 2.
Round 2: (news flash, a person has gone crazy in Akihabara and killed 6, 12 are injured) Fabio Silva has knocked Takahashi out in the opening seconds, while I was checking the other news. He KO'ed him with a right knee while he had him puched back in the corner.
Round 1: Intense staredown to open. Fabio Silva throws a kick that hits the sore spot. Takahashi is ready again. Fighters are in the ring for the opening fight of the night! Fighters are throwing punches, and Fabio knocks Takahashi down. Silva on top in Takahashi's guard. Takahasi turns and is on top now. He is not able to do much in Silva's guard. Takahashi has sidecontrol and triesl a arm tirangle. Silva gets up and its slugfest. No real damage, except for a knee from Silva. Silva takes the fight down again and the round finishes.


Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 06:52  

Who's going to win, Misaki or Clark?

Borre 8 June 2008 at 06:58  

Very good question, my money would be on Misaki, but I have seen people putting money on Clark.

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 12:28  

Thanks for your work! I read your website everyday. Keep up with the good work. Ivan Canello - Brazil.

Borre 8 June 2008 at 12:37  

Thanks Ivan. Almost mixed up the fighters in the Damm fight, but your guys are doing well so far.

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 12:43  

Yes! Now its time to Michael Costa show his talent, I train with him everyday, the guy deserve a good presentation. Lets see.

Borre 8 June 2008 at 13:08  

It was the best fight so far. He had Thompson rocked, but Thompson was too good on the ground. Good fight though!

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 13:39  

That was a good fight, unfortunately not that good for my Michael. I just hope that his shoulder is ok, that was a good Kimura.

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 14:00  

I think stomps are legal.

Borre 8 June 2008 at 14:13  

I might have to look into the stumps, I thought they were illegal, but you might be right...

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 17:33  

Stomps were within the rules. Soccer kicks are not.

Anonymous,  8 June 2008 at 18:33  

JapanMMA, thanks for the play by play, always enjoy reading what is hard to come by in the states...can't wait for DREAM 4, sucks that Mirko's off the card....I sent you an email to your hotmail account too, from ClubMMA@hotmail.com about something that might interest both.

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