7/13 HEAT 7 - ZAPP Nagoya

Saturday 21 June 2008

If you're in Nagoya, HEAT is the organization to watch. They attract some good fighters and are putting both MMA and K-1 rule fights in the same event. HEAT 7 will feature a number of tournaments and I am sure there will be lots of good fights to watch.

Make sure you check out the links I put on the bottom, there are some videos worth watching and some information in English on the HEAT site.

I am sure there will be some additions to the tournaments.

HEAT Kick Rule Middleweight Tournament (70kg)1st round
-Yuzo Matsumoto
-Nathan Willet

HEAT MMA Rule Welterweight Tournament(77.1kg)1st round
-Jun Kitou
-Akira Pedro
-Justin Holdaas

HEAT Kick Rule Heavyweight Tournament(100kg)1st round

-Gotoku Onda
-Jason Suttie

HEAT MMA Rule Heavyweight (Open weight)1st Round
-Christiano Kaminishi
-Lee Sang Soo
-Amazon Juninho

New-Age Fights:
60kg Kick-Rule: Gaku Sakai vs. Masaaki Noiri
65kg Kick-Rule: Yoshiharu Ono vs. Takao Niki
70kg MMA-Rule: Kazuyoshi Hioki vs. Kouzaburou Muramatsu
70kg MMA-Rule: Hironobu Yoshida vs. YUSUKE

Ticket Prices:
Premium Seat (20 available) 25,000円
SRS 18,000円/RS 13,000円/S 8,000円/Standing 5,000円
at the door +500円

English information here:

HEAT has posted videos from past events here:


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