6/1 ClubDEEP Toyama - RESULTS

Monday 2 June 2008

Deep held a ClubDEEP event in Toyoma yesterday. Fighters included DEEP stars such as Barbaro44 and female champion MIKU in a kick-rule fight. DEEP will definately feel the need for a star to challenge MIKU after the retirement of Hisae Watanabe, but lets hope Saeki is able to find someone. Watanabe was a huge star in DEEP, even though she lost the title to Miku last year.

Yoshihiro Tomioka “Barbaro44” Def. Takahiro Kajita by Arm-lock Round 2 2:59
MIKU vs. Rena DRAW (Kick-rule)
Ryo Kibe Def. Masayuki Demise by Decision 2-0
Yuichi Ikari Def. Kosuke Umeda by Decision 3-0
Yuya Osugi Def. Shinichiro Tanaka by Decision 2-0
Teruhiko Kubo Def. Yu Kitada by Arm-bar Round 2 0:49
Akimitsu Tsuchiya Def. Yoshinori Kawamura by TKO ROund 2 2:24
NEGAO Def. Kazumasa Sakakibara by TKO Round 1 0:17
Daisuke Orito Def. Muneo Nakajima by TKO Round 1 0:07
Yosuke vs. Makoto Sekikawa DRAW
Satoshi Shitano Def. Passion Nakamura by KO Round 2 0:10 Oyaji-Rule
Yoshimoto Def. Piroshi by Decision 3-0


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