7/20 ZST SWAT 19 - Genesis Tournament

Saturday 21 June 2008

ZST is holding thier Featherweight Tournament round 1 and 2 in Gold's Gym South Annex on July 20. Should be some good fights in there and a good chance to discover new talent. Prices are very affordable too.

15. MW: Yojiro Uchimura 5-2-0 vs. 2-2-0 Takashi Matsui
14. BW: Shin Katayama 4-1-6 vs. 1-0-0 Tetsuya Fusano
13. Female Grappling Rule: Rina Tomita vs Mamiko Mizuguchi
12. FWT: Winner Fight 7 vs. Winner Fight 8
11. FWT: Winner Fight 6 vs. Winner Fight 5
10. FWT: Winner Fight 4 vs. Winner Fight 3
9. FWT: Winner Fight 2 vs. Winner fight 1
8. FWT: Akira Omura 0-9-1 (2NC) vs. Keizo Hisamoto
7. FWT: Makoto Takenaka 0-1-0 vs.優瑠 (?) Hayasaka
6. FWT: Masanori Hirata vs. Yushi Komori
5. FWT: Takeaki Miyagawa vs. 0-1-1 Tetsuya Yamamoto
4. FWT: Toshihiro Shimizu vs. Kei Sato
3. FWT: Kohei Kuraoka vs. Takahiro Ichijo
2. FWT: Hisamitsu Taniguchi vs. Yuta Meguro
1. FWT: 剛卓(?) Abe vs. Hiryo (?) Okamoto

Ticket Prices:
SRS 5,000円/S 3,000円/ Standing 2,000円

At the door: +500円


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