8/24 Sengoku 4 - 1st Fight Announced

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Sengoku has announced the first fight for their event on August 24. This should be a much better event than Sengoku 3, it certainly looks like it at this point.

The first fight announced will be between K-1 veteran Peter Graham (who competed in Sengoku 1 as well), facing off against the much more experienced Moise Rimbon,
NoB has posted links to some of his fights. It should be an interesting fight, and press conferrance! Will Peter Graham be able to get a fight started this time? I would be willing to put some money on it!

Peter Graham 0-1-0 vs. 12-7-3 Moise Rimbon

Takanori Gomi (28-3-0)

Lightweight Tournament Participants:

-Satoru Kitaoka (20-8-9)
-Eiji Mitsuoka (13-5-2)
-Kazunori Yokota (6-1-3)
-Duane Ludwig (16-8-0)
-Rodrigo Damm (8-1-0)

There has been some discussion around where the Sengoku name originates and what it means (maybe not a lot, but I will use it any way). The Kanji's might be different, but I thought this was an interesting read. Have a look if you are interested in a bit of Japanese history.


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