10/25 DREAM 12 - RESULTS

Sunday 25 October 2009

The event in the "White Cage" is underway, and I will be giving you the results live here.

It will be an interesting event, personally, I am looking forward to seeing DEEP champion against Eddie Alvarez but there are lots of fights to look forward to here!

1. Feather: Keisuke Fujiwara 7-1-3 vs. 12-5-6 Tomoya Miyashita
Miyashita has been controling the fight so far, getting it to the ground. Fujiwara so far been unable to pose much of an offence. Round 3 is closer, Fujiwara close with a triangle attempt.

Miyashita gets the decision 3-0

2. Light: "Parky" Won Sik Park 7-1-1 vs. 15-6-0 Kuniyoshi Hironaka
"Parky" controling the distance in round 1. Has Hironaka damaged, but no real danger.

"Parky" throws in the towel in the break. Looks like an eye injury. Hironaka gets the TKO win!

3. Feather: Yoshiro Maeda 25-7-2 vs. 12-5-0 Chase Beebe
Maeda comes out hard, Beebe is backing up and then gets the fight to the ground. Maeda is able to get up. Maeda takes Beebe down and comes out on top. Maeda gets Beebe's back and the rear-naked choke is very tight, Beebe taps.

Maeda rear-naked choke Round 1.

4. Middle: Yoon Dong Sik 4-7-0 vs. 7-1-0 Tarec Saffiedine
Saffedine takes it to the ground of the back of a Dong takedown attempt, on top but the ref stands it up. Dong is not able to take Saffiedine down and it is a very close fight so far.

Saffiedine looks in in control early in round 2, then Dong takes it down and is on top. Dong controls the fight and gets the back, Saffiedine does well to survive the round.

The final round is all standing, Dong unable to take it to the ground. Saffiedine is the better fighter standing, and it will be a close decision.

Yoon Dong Sik gets the decision 2-1! The domination on the ground is round 2 was enough.

5. Middle: Katsuyori Shibata 3-6-1 vs. 1-4-1 Tokimitsu Ishizawa
Fight of the pro-wrestlers.

Ishizawa in trouble early, as Shibata gets a few uppercuts through his guard. Both these fighters are giving it their all, but it looks like Shibata is in control. Ishizawa wants this to the ground. Shibata hits Ishizawa with a solid left hand, Ishizawa goes down and covers up.

Shibata by KO round 1 (with seconds to go).

In the cage to promote Dynamite:
Tatsuya Kawajiri
Hideo Tokoro
Shinya Aoki

6. Middle: Kazushi Sakuraba 25-12-1 vs. 9-4-0 Zelg Galesic
Sakuraba takes it down and goes for a leg lock. Galesic is managing to resist and is pounding Sakuraba hard. It looks like Galesic is going to pound Sakuraba out, but Sakuraba is not letting go of the leg. Finally he gets the leg straightened and the kneebar is tight. Galesic taps very quickly and he looks injured.

Sakuraba by kneebar round 1!

7. Welter: Myeon Ho Bae 8-4-0 vs. 12-3-0 Marius Zaromskis
Zaromskis is a huge favorite here, but I would not underestimate Bae.

Zaromskis came out running, but Bae counters with a right. Zaromskis is stunned and steps back, then comes back with a left high-kick and Bae goes down. Zaromskis is taking Crocop's reputation!

Marius Zaromskis by KO round 1.

8. Light: Katsunori Kikuno 12-1-2 vs. 18-2-0 Eddie Alvarez
As always, Kikuno comes out to "We are the world".

Kikuno is coming out in the traditional Kyokushin stands. Eddie tries a takedown, but Kikuno squashes it and has a neckcrank going. Alvarez gets out, but looks hurt. Eddie not able to take the fight to the ground, Kikuno has a small cut. Kikuno hits with his trademark bodykick just as the bell rings. Alvarez has not been able to get the fight down, and is looking a little tired.

Kikuno goes down from a right, but bounces right up. Alvarez takes it to the ground and attempts a guillotine choke. Alvarez is giving it his all, but Kikuno pops out. They stand up. Both fighters are looking tired and Alvarez takes it down again. Alvarez secures an armtriangle and Kikuno taps. Awesome fight!

Alvarez by armtriangle round 2.

9. Heavy: Alistair Overeem 30-11-0 vs. 14-10-0 James Thompson
Thompson does a gong and dash, but I think it was a bit more careful than usual. Overeem gets pushed back to the cage, but gets a guilltine choke. It is a standing neck crank or guillotine that that Thompson taps to.

Alistair Overeem by submission Round 1.


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