10/18 Shooto Gig Tokyo Vol. 3 - Fight Order

Thursday 1 October 2009

Shooto promotor Sustain and Shooto Gym Tokyo have announced the fight order for their event in Shinjuku Face on October 18. It should be a good event and the main event will be a awesome fight for the Shooto featherweight Pacific rim title fight. Both Koetetsu Okazaki and Hiromasa Ogikubo are awesome fighters and the winner of this fight will be a very deserved champion.

But this card has a lot of talented and interesting fighters on it. Some fighters worth mentioning are Guy Delameau and Yuta Nezu, I am picking both of them for a win even though I like cheering for the eternal underdog "Mike" Hayakawa (he is a much better fighter than his record indicates).

Featherweight Pacific Title Fight:
10. Koetsu Okazaki 5-1-1 vs. 6-0-2 Hiromasa Ogikubo

9. Welter: Jin Kazeta 8-9-2 vs. 10-5-1 Guy Delameau
8. Light: Kazuhiro Ito 5-4-0 vs. 7-7-1 Masaki Yanagisawa
7. Feather: Yuta Nezu 7-3-1 vs. 1-4-3 Nobuhiro "Mike" Hayakawa
6. Middle: Mateus Irie Nechio 4-3-0 vs. 0-6-0 Yoshinori Takahashi
5. Feather: Makoto Sannai 1-1-0 vs. 0-1-0 Keita Ishibashi
4. Light: Hiroki Kita 2-5-1 vs. 0-1-0 Yoshitaka Okigi

Rookie Tournament Semi Finals:
3. Welter: Koji Matsumoto vs. 2-1-0 Munehiro "Mike" Kin
2. Bantam: Yosuke Saruta 1-2-0 vs. 2-3-0 Jun Nagasoe
1. Fly: Yusuke Sato 2-1-0 vs. 1-0-0 Tomokazu Sato


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