11/1 HEAT 12 - Fight Order

Friday 30 October 2009

HEAT will have another event in Nagoya on Sunday.

They now have finished their tournaments so there are none of that on this card, but still some exciting fights. The card also includes the always popular and entertaining Sentoryu.

Main-Event HEAT Kick Rule:
9. Heavy (100kg):Tatsufumi Tomihira vs. Yuki "Strike" Tanaka

8. MMA-Rule Heavy: Henry "Sentoryu" Miller 5-8-0 vs. 1-4-0 Lee Chang Seob
7. Kick-Rule Middle: Danilo Zanolini vs. Oh Doo Seck
6. Kick-Rule Middle: Shingo Garyu vs. Masato Uchiyama
5. MMA-Rule Light: "Armbar" Kim vs. 7-5-1 Hideki Kishimoto
4. Kick-Rule Heavy (100kg): Makoto vs. Scorpion
3. Kick-Rule 60kg: Gaku "Marry" Sakai vs. King Kohei
2. MMA-Rule Feather: Jun Kito 7-5-3 vs. Masahiro Iwasaki
1. Kick-Rule Middle: Tadamasa Tomihira vs. Marcio Matsumoto

HEAT New Age:
4. MMA-Rule 70kg: Masaomi Kamino vs. Yasutomo Katsuki
3. Kick-Rule 67kg: Yusuke Suzuki vs. Kazuto Murokawa
2. MMA-Rule 80kg: Mankey B Koji vs. Youichi Ozawa
1. Kick-Rule 58kg: Marcos Maejima vs. (Rajin) 特攻隊長雷神


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