10/24 GCM Cage Force and Valkyrie 03 - Fight Order

Thursday 22 October 2009

GCM will have a double header in Differ Ariake on Saturday. First up are the female fighters when Valkyrie holds their 3rd event.

The card suffered a loss though, when Izumi Noguchi had to step down from her fight with Emi Fujino due to injury. It is now a 7 fight event, and the question is if Valkyrie is fighting a losing "battle" with Jewels. They do have some popular fighters on the card though, "Sachi" will have some fans in the crowd for sure and will Naoko Omuro.

Valkyrie 03
Starts: 12:30
Main-Event - Valkyrie Rule 3x3min:
7. Misaki Takimoto 10-11-4 vs. 4-4-0 Yasuko Mogi

6. Naoko Omuro 9-7-3 vs. 5-17-0 Yukiko Seki
5. Maho Muranami 4-5-2 vs. 5-4-1 Sachiko Yamamoto
4. Naoko Sugiyama vs. 4-2-0 Madoka Ebihara

Valkyrie Rule 2x3min:
3. "Happy" Fukuko Hamada 4-3-0 vs. Yuko Takagi
2. Masae Mori 0-1-0 vs. "Ayame" Miura

Gi-Grappling Pro Rule:
1. Yuki Sugiuchi vs. Yuki Tanaka

The Cage Force card in the afternoon is looking stronger. The main event will see former Olympic silvermedalist Katsuhiko Nagata take on the undefeated Daisuke Hoshino. The co-main event should also be very good with Isao Terada taking on the very popular grappler "Hadairo".

Starting at 17:30
Cage Force 3x5min:
Light: Katsuhiko Nagata 4-6-1 vs. 5-1-0 Daisuke Hoshino

Bantam: Isao Terada 7-8-4 vs. 9-7-3 Tetsu "Hadairo" Suzuki
Middle: Shuji Morikawa 2-3-1 vs. Atsushi Hamada(?)
Light: Asato Hashimoto 1-2-3 vs. 1-2-2 Hideto Kondo
Bantam: Takumi Murata 6-11-6 vs. Fumiya Sasaki (?)
Fly: Hirotaka Miyakawa 3-6-2 vs. 0-1-0 Hiroya Kaneuchi
Welter: Ken Taisho vs. 7-9-0 Taku Aramaki

Prelimiary Fights 3x3min:
Feather: Katsunori Tsuda 1-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Takuya Iwai
Light: Daisuke Teramoto vs. Ranki
Bantam: 淳伸 Konishi (?) vs. 1-2-0 Ryo Taguchi


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