10/30 Shooto Vale Tudo Japan 09 - Weigh-in Done!

Thursday 29 October 2009

Shooto had their weigh in for this awesome event today, the fights are tomorrow and I cant wait (only wish I was there!).

Nightmare of Battle reports that Alexandre Franca Nogueira had some problems making weight, and there are some cool links there too.

Picture from GBR

Weigh-in results:

Takanori Gomi: 71kg
Tony Hervey: 70.9kg

Alexandre Franca Nogueira: (not there for the 1st weigh-in)
"Lion" Takeshi Inoue: 65kg

Rumina Sato: 63kg
Corey Grant: 63kg

Tenkei "Fujimiya" Oda: 66.9kg
Tito Jones: 65.2kg

Willamy Chiquerim: 69.8kg
Kenichiro Togashi: 69.9kg

Mamoru Yamaguchi: 55.7kg
Jesse Taitano: 55.1kg

Yoichiro Sato: 75.8kg
Jung Ming Kang: 75.4kg

Kosuke Eda: 62kg
Makoto Sannai: 61.8kg

Fight Order:
Main-Event - VTJ-Rule (5x5min):

8. 71kg: Takanori Gomi 30-5-0 vs. 11-4-0 Tony Hervey
7. 65kg: Alexandre Franca Nogueira 13-5-2 vs. 16-3-0 "Lion" Takeshi Inoue

VTJ-Rule (3x5min):
6. 63kg: Rumina Sato 24-12-2 vs. 3-0-0 Corey Grant
5. 69kg: Tenkei "Fujimiya" Oda 7-4-2 vs. 6-3-0 Tito Jones

Welterweight Shooto World Title Fight (3x5min):
4. Willamy Chiquerim 14-1-0 vs. 10-6-5 Kenichiro Togashi

3. Bantam (3x5min.): Mamoru Yamaguchi 20-5-3 vs. 6-5-2 Jesse Taitano
2. Middle (2x5min): Yoichiro Sato 5-1-1 vs. Jung Ming Kang (?)
1. 62kg (2x5min): Kosuke Eda 7-3-3 vs. 2-1-0 Makoto Sannai

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