5/11 DREAM 3 - Aoki Out!

Saturday 3 May 2008

Well, not unexpected, but now its official!Aoki is out of the DREAM tourament. Why am I saying its not unexpected?? Well, he said in an interview before the fight that he would not fight in round 2 of this tournament, even if he won. This is very dissapointing but, like I have said in touraments like this injuries will happen.

This really sucks, for a couple of reasons... JZ has said he would not take Aoki's place, which means 2 of the best fighters are out. And Nagata, who is the weakest link, might not have to fight in order to get to the next round...

Let's see if DREAM can find an opponent for Nagata in the last week. And let's pray its not a can.


Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 17:27  

man, that sucks.

Is there any option to have the last LW GP fight in Dream 4 instead? That way Aoki will have another month to recuperate. Plus Dream 5 (LW finals will be much later in July).

DREAM seems snakebitten. The most well known MW (Akiyama/Kang) are already out if, and now the best LW (Aoki/JZ) are gone.

They need to find better match makers. They deserve it frankly for scheduling Aoki/JZ and Kang/Mousasi in the first round.

Borre 4 May 2008 at 05:42  

Rumor is now that the Aoki fight will be moved to DREAM 4, lets see what happens...

Anonymous,  4 May 2008 at 13:51  

yeh, go Aoki.

Too bad they couldn't get Akiyama ready for Dream3

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