6/1 Pancrase Shining Tour - Korakuen Hall

Friday 23 May 2008

Pancrase is holding 2 events in 1 week. The Osaka event is happening this Sunday then next Sunday we will have the Shining Tour in Korakuen Hall. I am not sure who "Junior" is, but the Pancrase site lists him with a 9-0 record, he is a Chute Boxe fighter and his fight with Izuru Takeuchi should be a good one. A good mix of experienced and talented fighters in this event.

Kanehara has not won a fight since 2001, lets see if he can get a win against KeiYamamiya.

I am not sure of the fight order.

Izuru Takeuchi 24-9-6 vs. 9-0-0 Junior
Yukio Sakaguchi 1-3-0 vs. 4-10-2 Masakazu Kuramochi
Yuichiro Shirai "Yukito" 3-5-3 vs. 1-3-2 Toshihiro Shimizu
Keiichiro Yamamiya 33-22-9 vs. 16-20-1 Hiromitsu Kanehara
Seiya Kawahara 4-0-0 vs. 5-5-1 Masaki Yanagisawa
Takafumi Ito 33-26-10 vs. 5-3-2 Shinsuke Shoji
Tomoki Murayama 1-4-0 vs. 8-1-5 Ranki Kawana

Yuki Yashima 2-4-1 vs. Wataru Yoshikawa


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