5/11 DREAM 3 - Pictures

Saturday 17 May 2008

Its been almost a week since the event, but here are the pictures.

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The night started with the belts on display.

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The first fight of the night was between Yamazaki and Shoji, Yamazaki was the better fighter on the ground and he was able to get a clear decision.

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Jason "Mayhem" Miller introduced himself to the Japanese audience with an intersting entry and some clowning in the ring. He was never really threatened in this fight and I am sure he won a few fans. Will be interesting to see how he performs in the Middleweight tournament.

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Everyone expected a quick KO in the next fight, but Manhoef didnt go out as hard as usual and it took him over 4 minutes to dispose of Kim Dae Won. Still an impressive performance considering he was KO'd only 2 weeks before this.

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Since this was a reserve fight for the Middleweight tournament, and with all the fighters that wants to pull out of that tournament (Sakuraba and Tamura) I expect to see him fight in the second round. But we will have to wait for confimation for that.

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One of the big improvements since DREAM 1 were the stages. DREAM 1 there were 1 stage, now they had 2 (1 on each side) and they looked awesome.

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I think a lot of people expected Bukyung Jung to handle Nakamura, but that was not to be... Nakamura was the better fighter.

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And it ended with a KO victory to Nakamura. Jung is now 0-3.

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Nick Diaz was a much better fighter than Inoue. It was an entertaining fight, with Diaz dominating.

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TKO win to Diaz.

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Kawajiri and Buscape got a re-match, but it looked pretty much like the first one... I think Kawajiri always end up in this position.. Decision win to Kawajiri.

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Time for fight of the night! Hellboy entering the ring.

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This was an amazing fight to watch. Hellboy was knocked down twice in the first round, but was able to get up. In the second he was very close to finishing the fight by an arm-bar.

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After the fight both of these fighters showed great sportsmanship and respect for eachother. No everyone were equally graceful.

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The main event was between Ishida and Uno. I expected to see Ishida take Uno down and GnP his way to another decision win, but Uno had other plans. Uno dominated the fight standing, he stuck to his game-plan, and when the fight went to the ground, Ishida was tired and Uno was able to get a rear-naked choke in. An awesome performance by Uno! Did he expose Ishida? Guess we will have to see, but I know what Ishida's next opponent will be looking to do.

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Caol Uno very happy after getting the win.


Anonymous,  17 May 2008 at 22:32  

Great Pictures, you gonna be covering Sengoku II as well?

Borre 18 May 2008 at 04:38  

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately I am in Norway at the moment... So will only post the results after the event is done.

I am going back to Japan June 1, so after that should be back to normal again.

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