5/3 Shooto - Road to 20th Anniversary - Live Play-by-Play ***Spoiler***

Saturday 3 May 2008

I will do a live Play-by-Play from the Shooto event today. The card is looking awesome and I am very excited about this event!

The fights start at 5PM Japan.

The broadcast has started.

Fighters are being presented. BJ Kojima is presented and confirms that he will fight July 18. Joachim Hansen is also in attendence.

Official attendence 3,200


Takashi Nakakura vs. Ganjo Tentsuku by decision
David Baron Def. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai by guiliotin Round 1
Akitoshi Tamura Def. Rumina Sato by North-South Choke Round 3 2:37
Savant Young Def. "Lion" Takeshi Inoue by decision.
Ryuichi Miki vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani DRAW
Yusuke Endo Def. Vince Ortiz by rear-naked choke.
Bendy Casimir Def. Shinji Sasaki by decision 3-0
Shinpei Tahara Def. Katsuya Murofushi by TKO Round 2 0:46
Hayate Usui Def. Sakae Kasuya by decision 2-0


Takashi Nakakura 9-2-1 vs. 9-2-2 Ganjo Tentsuku
Time for the main event!
Round 3:
Ganjo is more agressive, Nakakura is picking his punches. Ganjo puches Nakakura back into the corner. Nakakura gets on and the fight is on again. Non stop punches, but Ganjo is the agressor. No one doing more damage than is already done, but will it be enough for Nakakura? Still no takedowns in this fight, and Nakakura looks comfident. Round is over, both fighters raise their hands.

I think this is a draw. Nakakura gets the decision!!!

Round 2:
Nakakura needs to get this to the ground to get an advantage. They are trading punches and Ganjo puches Nakakura to the corner, some Japanese dirty boxing now (not as dirty as American). Ganjo needs a doctor check for a cut on his right eye. Nakakura hits with a hook to the cut eye. On the feet, Ganjo seems to be the one hitting more, but there are a lot of punches that find nothing but air. Nakakura is aiming for the cut eye and it is looking worse now. Round is over. Ganjo is working on his punches, Nakakura is just working on the cut now.

The round to Nakakura, but its very close.

Round 1:
Its on! Both fighters kind of careful in the opening. Trading punches then Ganjo goes for a takedown, Nakakura is pushed into the corner. He gets out and they are trading punches again. Both fighters are punching and hitting, but no clear advantage. Ganjo gets a few good punches in now. Nakakura tries some low-kicks and then goes for a takedown, but Ganjo gets back up. Round over and it was very close.

David Baron Def. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai by guiliotin Round 1.
Fighters entering now. This one will be HUGE!
Round 1: Its on, I am very excited about this one! Sakurai takes Baron down with a Takedown/punch. Baron ahs guard now. Sakurai stands up. Baron takes Sakurai down now. Sakurai has guard, but Baron gets some good punches in. Sakurai gets up. Baron hits with some good punches. This is close. Baron has a cut, but its nothing serious. Some good exchanges in this fight. Baron with a guilliotin. Sakurai taps with 12 seconds left!!!

Akitoshi Tamura Def. Rumina Sato by North-South Choke Round 3 2:37
Fighters are entering the ring.
Round 3: Final round, Tamura's eye is looknig very bad. Tamura with a high kick that takes Rumina down. Rumina has an inverted triangel, and that stops the attack. Tamura with side control. Rumina gets some knees to the body. Tamura is trying a North-south choke and it looks deep, Rumina taps and Tamura gets the win in a very good fight! Time 2:37, Tamura's eye is totally closed.
Round 2: Rumina looks way more comfident on his feet, this time he gets the take down and is on top. In Tamura's guard now. A very good punch from the guard. Tamura is not able to use his rubber guard so far. Tamura is trying his rubber guard, but Rumina is too strong so far. One of Rumina's punches have really hit Tamura's right eye. After a doctor check its on again. Some good punches and then Tamura takes Rumina to the ground. Rumina has Tamura in his guard now. Rumina continues to hit Tamura's right eye from the bottom. and Tamura hits with some good GNP. Round to Rumina, one round a piece now.
Round 1: Fight has started, Rumina looks comfident as the fight starts. Tamura is going for the takedown, Rumina on the back now. Rumina has half guard. Then mount before Rumina turns around and Tamura has his back now. Tamura is gonig for a rear-naked choke, but Rumina defends well. Rumina standing up now, with Tamura on his back. Tries a strange arm-bar, using his neck to bend Tamura's arm. Tamura is still stuck on Rumina's back and the time is running out. Tamura got round 1.

Savant Young Def. "Lion" Takeshi Inoue by decision.
Fighters are entring the ring.
Round 2: This is the final round. Young using his boxing skills with a few jabs in the start of the round. Young gets behind Takeshi and puches him to the ropes. He is not able to take advantage and the fight is re-started in the middle. Takeshi is pushed back into the corner, he tries a takedown but is not successful. The ref breaks it up. Young puches Takeshi to the to the ground as he gets up Young sinks in a guilliotin. It is very deep and Takeshi "jumps" out of the ring, good escape and should punished. The ref starts them standing in the middle. Young tries a take down, but Takeshi ends up in mount. Young gets him into his guard before the bell sounds. I am guessing a draw. Savant Young gets the decision!
Round 1: its on. Lion wants to stand and so far Young is happy with that. Both fighters looking for the KO, but thing hitting so far. Young presses Takeshi to the ropes and it might go to the ground. But looks like the fighters are happy to stay on their feet. Young tries an overhand that looks powerful, but it does not hit. Takeshi takes Young down. Takeshi is in Young's guard. He hits with a few punches and the round is over. Round to Takeshi.

Ryuichi Miki vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani DRAW
Fighters are in the ring.

Round 3: Urushitani is close with a knee. Both fighters are trying punches, nothing hitting again. Then Miki tries another takedown, that Urushitani resists again. The small punches are starting to damage Miki, but he gets back with some good punches himself. Miki is chasing Urushitani now. THen Urushitani hits with some very good punches. Both fighters are tired and looking for the finishing blow. This is very close!! And its a DRAW!
Round 2: Lets hope for more action. Urushitani tries his spining fist too. but doesnt hit that well. Miki is trying some leg-kicks, but dont know if it does any damage. The fight still has not gone to the ground and it is pretty even standing up. Miki goes for a takedown, but Urushitani is able to resist. Another spinning back fist that hits from Miki. Urushitani signals that it does no damage. Miki is the more agressive fighter now. He tries another take down, but again Urushitani gets out of it. At the end of the round Urushitani looks like he is more in control, but this is close.
Round 1: Fight has started. Feeling eachother out. A few punches and kicks, but nothing really hitting... Miki hits with a spinning back fist, that seems to fire up both fighters. Lots of puches again, but no real damage done. The round is over without going to the ground. I dont know who won this round, but it was close...

Bendy Casimir Def. Shinji Sasaki by decision 3-0

Bendy entering now.
Round 3: Bendy hits with a few punches, then his mouthpiece goes flying. After a short break, Sasaki gets the take down and is on top in Bendy's half guard. Bendy turns it and is in Sasaki's guard now. Tries some punches, but not doing much damage. Then he gets side control. Not able to work any submissions, tries to get a mount, but Sasaki gets him off. Bendy then tries for a choke. Sasaki works out of it and is able to get Bend back into a omoplata that looks very tight. Sasaki is working on a rear-naked choke while Bendy's arm is caught in the omoplata, just when the bell rings. The 2 last rounds were very close, but Bendy gets the deceision 3-0!

Round 2: Slow start, Sasaki trying a high-kick, but doesnt hit the target. Sasaki has Bendy in his guard, the rubber guard looks dangerous again. Bendy moves to north-south positino and then goes back into Sasaki's guard. Very technical fight, not many punches thrown. Bendy almost has mount, but Sasaki pushes him back in his guard. Not much happening, until Sasaki tries an omoplata again, but Bendy escapes as the bell rings.

Round 1: Its on! Starts a bit slow, then Bendy goes for the takedown. Sasaki gets it, and is on top. Bendy turns it and is on top now. Sasaki defents well and Bendy is in his guard. Sasaki seems to control an arm, will see if that leads to anything, trying rubber guard. Sasaki almost had an arm-bar, twice. Then a omoplata. Sasaki on top now. Not able to do anything before the bell rings. Round to Sasaki because of the submission attempts.

Yusuke Endo Def. Vince Ortiz by rear-naked choke.
Fighters are in the ring.
Round 1: Will be interesting to see Ortiz, I know nothing about him, except he is a wrestler. Endo looks like he wants this fight standing. Punches are thrown, but not much hits. Oritz goes for a takedown, but Endo squashes it. Then Ortiz hits witha well placed punch and Endo takes count. THen Endo punishes Oritz who is not aware of the count in Shooto. Endo sinks in a deep rear-naked over the ropes and the ref wants to move it. When they start up Endo chokes Ortiz out. Bad decision by the ref to move int that position...

Katsuya Murofushi 3-2-0 vs. Shinpei Tahara
Hayate Usui 8-6-1 vs. 3-2-3 Sakae Kasuya


Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 09:39  

thanks for the pbp, always appreciated

Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 11:18  

Tahara and Usui won

Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 12:16  

Woo thanks for this, bro!

Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 12:39  

Thanks man, great job.

-->>> GO MACH!

Anonymous,  3 May 2008 at 14:39  

How did Tahara and Usui win and what round?

Borre 3 May 2008 at 14:48  

I really didnt see the opening fights, but I will try to find out.

Anonymous,  4 May 2008 at 21:32  

thanks for the pbp. btw i found the videos here: mma-core.com

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