5/28 Shoot Boxing

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Shoot Boxing is holding a very interesting event in Korakuen Hall this Wednesday. It starts at 6 and there is no doubt that I would have been there if I were in Japan.

On the card are some very good fighters including: Antonio Carvalho, Marfio Canoletti, Andy Ologun, Akito Sakimura, Kenji Kanai and Daiki Shishido.

Tatsumi Yuda vs. Yuta Nogami
Misato Tomita vs. Hitomi Sakamoto
Kazuyuki Fushimi vs. Tatsuya Kusakabe
Koya Shimada vs. Noriaki Ninomiya
Hiroaki Suzuki vs. Yasuhiro Motomura
Akito Sakimura vs. Setsu Iguchi
Marfio Canoletti vs. Koichi Kikuchi
Kenji Kanai vs. Andy Ologun
Daiki Shishido vs. Antonio Carvalho
Kenichi Ogata vs. "Iron" Jusokku (??)


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