Sunday 11 May 2008

Just came back from an amazing event!! This was really a level up from the two first DREAM events. I am really disappointed that Joachim lost, but it was a great fight and both fighters had their chances. I dont think any of them should be disappointed with their efforts.

Caol Uno pulled of the upset of the night and got a very good victory over Ishida. Disappointment of the night was Kawajiri acting like a spoiled brat after Uno's victory.

BTW, Nick Diaz and Jason Miller were very good and entertaining in their fights! This was a very good event!

Lightweight Tournament Round 2:
8. Caol Uno Def. Mitsuhiro Ishida by rear-naked choke Round 2, 1:39
7. Eddie Alvarez Def. Joachim Hansen by decision 3-0
6. Tatsuya Kawajiri Def. Luiz “Buscape” Firmino by decision 3-0

Welterweight Champion Eliminator:
5. Nick Diaz Def. Katsuya Inoue by TKO (towel thrown) Round 1 6:47

Non-Tournament Fight:
4. Daisuke Nakamura Def. Jung Bukyung Round 2 1:15

Middleweight Tournament Reserve Fight:
3. Melvin Manhoef Def. Kim Dae Won by TKO (Knees and punches) Round 1 4:08

Middleweight Tournament Round 1:
2. Jason Miller Def. Katsuyori Shibata by TKO (punches) Round 1 6:07 dedicated his fight to Kato-san and his family.

Non-Tournament Fight:
1. Takeshi Yamazaki Def. Shoji Maruyama by decsion 3-0


Anonymous,  11 May 2008 at 22:43  

Alverez VS Hansen has to be a candidate for fight of the year.

Anonymous,  12 May 2008 at 05:56  

yes, definitely FOTY for alarez/hansen.

I hope this sets up Kawajiri vs. Uno and Aoki vs. Alavarez for the semi-finals.

Also, interesting to see how Mayhem draws in the next round. Hopefully Sakuraba!

Anonymous,  12 May 2008 at 16:17  

Can you do an update on the DEEP card?Thanks!

Anonymous,  13 May 2008 at 22:34  

Dream seems to have a fan vote on their website for who they should match up for the MW second round and LW finals.

Anonymous,  14 May 2008 at 11:15  

I would be shocked if it was not Kawajiri/Uno and aoki/alvarez....assuming Aoki gets through DREAM 4.

Borre 14 May 2008 at 18:02  

Kongepan, I think you might be right.

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