11/24 Shoot Boxing - Brian Lo-A-Njoe Out!

Saturday 22 November 2008

Big disappointment for the fans that were hopeing to see Brian Lo-A-Njoe. It seems there were several requests from the Lo-A-Njoe camp that lead to Brian Lo-A-Njoe being pulled from the card, so not an injury. The Japanese press is reporting that he in addition to not making weight (he requested to come in a little above), requested an increase in fight money.

Luckily, there are 2 good reserve fights, so they should have back up fighters. Lets see what they put together 2 days before the event.

Change: 6. QF1: Kenichi Ogata vs. TBA

Fight order:
16. Main-Event: S-Cup Final: Winner Fight 12 vs. Winner Fight 13
15. 72kg: Koichi Kikuchi vs. Takaaki Umeno
14. 60kg: Pajunsuk Por. Pramuk vs. Jun Byun Gu (?)

S-Cup Semi-Finals:
13. Semi-Final 2: Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4
12. Semi-Final 1: Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2

11. 59kg: Akifumi Utagawa vs. Ken Shiratori
10. 50.8kg Female: Mai Ichi vs. Fuuka Kakimoto

S-Cup Quarter-Finals:
9. QF4: Andy Souwer vs. Edvin Kibus
8. QF3: Hiroki Shishido vs. Chris Horodecki
7. QF2: Denis Schneldmiller vs. Luiz Azeredo
6. QF1: Kenichi Ogata vs. TBA

5. 70kg: Gouki (?) Hishida vs. Hideyuki Yokoku
4. 50kg Female: Miku Matsumoto vs. Lena

Opening Fights:
3. 70kg S-Cup Reserve Fight A: Kenji Kanai vs. Wei Shoulei
2. 70kg S-Cup Reserve Fight B: Greg Foley vs. Oh Ju-Suk (?)
1. 57kg: Tatsuhiro Takashima vs. Atsushi Sakamura


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