12/7 Pancrase - Fight Order

Monday 17 November 2008

I cant remeber any event like this... Pancrase is putting on 3 title fights in this event! Thats in addition to the welterweight tournament final and some very exciting talent on the card! They are really going out with a bang this year!

Pancrase have put a female fight on this card, something I am very happy to see. "Windy" will face one of the most talented and one of my favorite female fighters on this card, Rin Nakai. Nakai is undefeated so far in her MMA career and is a very powerful fighter.

The main event is Katsuya Inoue vs. Koji Oishi for the Lightweight title. But this card is packed with good matchups!

Lightweight King of Pancrase Title Fight

11. Katsuya Inoue 16-6-3 vs. 17-7-5 Koji Oishi

Bantamweight King of Pancrase Title Fight
10. Seiya Kawahara 6-0-0 vs. 6-5-1 Manabu Inoue

Welterweight King of Pancrase
9. Takuya Wada 17-8-9 vs. 6-3-4 Masahiro Toryu

8. Middle: Ichiro Kanai 8-9-3 vs. 10-20-4 Daijiro Matsui
7. 55kg: "Windy" Tomomi Sunabe 12-8-0 vs. 4-0-0 Rin Nakai

Welterweight Tournament Final 3x5min
6. Tomoyoshi Iwamiya 5-7-0 vs. 6-3-2 Hiroyuki Nozawa

5. Heavy: Masayuki Kono 3-4-0 vs. 3-0-0 Stanislav Nedkov
4. Feather: Hirotoshi Saito 2-0-0 vs. 9-5-8 Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi
3. Light: Maximo Blanco 1-0-0 (1NC) vs. 10-9-5 Daisuke Hanazawa "13"
2. Fly: Isao Hirose 3-0-0 vs. 3-3-0 Tokuaki Ninomiya
1. Feather: Yuki Yashima 2-4-1 vs. 5-2-4 Yasutomo Tanaka


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