12/10 DEEP 39 - Changes (Injury and Addition) **Updated**

Sunday 30 November 2008

Update/correction: I had missed a couple of fights on the card, they are updated now, and the full card that is announced so far is available at the bottom.

The DEEP Impact 39 card has suffered a loss, Jutaro Nakao had to pull out due to injury. Taking his place is Korean Jang Yong Kim, that's right, the guy that upset "K-Taro" in Cage Force earlier this month. That means that Katsunori Kikuno goes from facing one of the most experienced fighters in the game, to facing a new talent. Will be interesting to see if Kim can follow up his win in Cage Force.

Also added to the card is Fanjin Son. Son lost his last fight in the Cage Force tournament to "Wicky" Akiyo, he is a Shooto veteran that has had his last 3 fights in Cage Force. Now he is makeing a move to DEEP. He will be taking on another Korean, Chang Son Jon.

That means that all the 3 additions to this DEEP card will be making their DEEP debuts.

Jang Yong Kim 2-2-0 vs. 8-1-1 Katsunori Kikuno

Fanjin Son 5-3-0 vs. 1-0-0 Chang Son Jon

Nobuhiro Obiya 9-3-1 vs. 12-6-4 Yoshihiro Tomioka "Barbaro44"
Seigo Inoue 4-4-1 vs. 6-4-2 Toshikazu "ISE" Iseno
Yuichi Nakanishi 9-7-3 vs. 13-7-0 Yuya Shirai
Daiki Hata "DJ Taiki" 8-5-3 vs. 15-7-2 Naoya Uematsu
Shoji Maruyama 6-3-1 vs. 7-3-1 Takafumi Otsuka
Shunsuke Inoue 4-3-0 vs. 3-0-0 Kazuhisa Tazawa
Fanjin Son 5-3-0 vs. 1-0-0 Chang Son Jon
Jang Yong Kim 2-2-0 vs. 8-1-1 Katsunori Kikuno

DEEP vs. Wajyutsu Keisyukai
Eiji Ishikawa 17-15-2 vs. 4-3-0 Yusaki Tsukumo
Yuta Watanabe 8-2-3 vs. 14-4-2 Yukiya Naito
Luiz Andrade I 7-6-3 vs. 2-3-3 Shinobu Miura

Future Fights:
Yasuhiro Sakahara vs. Satoru Inaba


Anonymous,  30 November 2008 at 04:22  

thanks to the DEEP blog i'm pretty sure that jon chang song who is fighting fanjin son is the guy who beat michihiro omigawa in DEEP Gladiator. i guess that was his first and only pro fight, and i don't know what his background is but he was brawling pretty well and throwing some nice knees. his takedown defense wasn't great but he knew what he was doing on the ground.

anyway, thanks for all the info from the blog.

- GoForkYourself (on Sherdog and YouTube)

Borre 30 November 2008 at 04:30  

I think you're right. I just got confused since it says it will be his DEEP debut...

But then we agree, that's the guy. :)

Anonymous,  2 December 2008 at 03:16  

Shoji Maruyama Great that guy is awsome he is going to knock out Takafumi BET

Anonymous,  3 December 2008 at 17:40  

otsuka is no joke too, shoji/otsuka is going to be a crazy fight.

and i didn't realize nakanishi/shirai was on this event too, that should be an awesome fight.

and isn't daisuke nakamura vs. koichiro matsumoto on this event too as part of the lw tournament?

Borre 3 December 2008 at 17:55  

Hi GoFork,

The Nakamura vs. Matsumoto fight will be held at a later date, thats just from memory though).

I have checked, and cant find that its announced...

Anonymous,  4 December 2008 at 21:44  

damn, for real? that was the fight i was looking forward to the most (i'm picking matsumoto as the dark horse). oh well, still an awesome card and i can't wait.

thanks for the update and everything you're doing here.

- GoForkYourself

Borre 5 December 2008 at 01:21  

Let's hope I am wrong ;)

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