Pride Secret Files - Book on sale!

Monday 1 December 2008

Nightmare of Battle is reporting that KamiPro is releasing a book about Pride secrets. From what I can see, it should go on sale December 1 (today).

What can we expect? Here are some things:

The true ambition of Lorenzo when he bought PRIDE.
DREAM was born from the PRIDE LW GP that was supposed to happen in 2008.
PRIDE.1 was Takada vs. Rickson and Sakuraba vs. Renzo.
The plan of Riki Choshu, Shinya Hashimoto and Masakatsu Funaki participating.
The other side of the termination of Royce vs Kerr.
Keisuke Kuwata (singer) vs. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (singer) realization by PRIDE?
Something about a sumo wrestler (KONISHIKI) acquisition of PRIDE.
A plan about a reality show.
Something about Holyfield.

For the full list, go here.

I have sort of some reservations on this... I would expect a lot of details around the Zuffa purchase, and in some ways a one-sided account of that transaction. For those who are hoping for it to be translated... I think this is meant for the Japanese market, some of you will understand what I mean by that. It would be good if it was though.


Anonymous,  1 December 2008 at 07:32  

pride is dead

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