12/10 DEEP 39 - Weigh-in

Tuesday 9 December 2008

The weigh-in for tomorrow's DEEP event in Korakuen hall was done today. No major issues, all fighters made weight.

This should he a very good event, that I wont get to go to... But as its showing just a few hours delayed on Samurai, I should see it tomorrow anyway.

The return of Obiya is something that excites me, and I am looking forward to more than a few fights on this card! There is a very strong rumor that there 3 70.3kg fights are part of a tournament... I have not seen it confirmed, so if someone has a link to this, I would apprecite it. I know I saw it somewhere, but now I cant find it and it doesnt look like its a tournament...

12. 70.3kg:
Nobuhiro Obiya 70.3kg
Yoshihiro Tomioka "Barbaro44" 70.1kg

11. 83.9kg:
Yuichi Nakanishi 83.7kg
Yuya Shirai 83.7kg

10. 70.3kg:
Shoji Maruyama 65.6kg
Takafumi Otsuka 65.7kg

9. 63:
Daiki Hata "DJ Taiki" 63.7kg
Naoya Uematsu 63.2kg

8. 70.3kg:
Jang Yong Kim 70.2kg
Katsunori Kikuno 70.2kg

7. 65kg:
Fanjin Son 64.7kg
Chang Son Jon 65.0kg

6. 70.3kg:
Seigo Inoue 69.8kg
Toshikazu "ISE" Iseno 70.3kg

5. Open:
Shunsuke Inoue 105kg
Kazuhisa Tazawa 121kg

DEEP vs. Wajyutsu Keisyukai
4. 83.9kg:
Yuta Watanabe 84.0kg→83.9kg
Yukiya Naito 82.8kg

3. 77.1kg:
Hidenobu Koike 76.5kg
Yusaki Tsukumo 76.7kg

2. 70.3kg:
Luiz Andrade I 71.0 → 70.3
Shinobu Miura 70.0

Future Fight:
1. Yasuhiro Sakahara vs. Satoru Inaba


Anonymous,  9 December 2008 at 21:08  

Can't wait to see how Uematsu does!

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