12/6 Cage Force 09 - Fight Order

Friday 5 December 2008

Cage Force have announced the fight order for their event tomorrow in Differ Ariake. The main-event is the featherweight tournament final, which should be a good fight. That will follow the bantamweight tournament final.

A total of 13 fights on the card, and there has been a late addition! Kicking off the night will be Nobuhiro Tsurumaki, in his 11 (almost 12) years of fighting he has not yet recorded a win. I hope he gets this one! It should be said that he has fought some really big Japanese names early in his career. This time he is facing another winless fighter in Shuji Morikawa. (I am going by Sherdog when I refer these records, Tsurumaki does have a win in Conterders in 2001 and his first fight was in Rings in 1994).

Main-Events: Cage Force Tournament Finals:
13. Feather: "Wicky" Akiyo Nishiura 9-2-1 vs. 15-7-7 Yuji Hoshino
12. Bantam: Masahiro Oishi 19-10-7 vs. 10-2-2 Takeya Mizugaki

11. Light: Tomonari Kanomata 12-3-3 vs. 6-5-0 Eriya Matsuda
10. Welter: Motoki Miyazawa 4-1-0 vs. 7-10-3 Shigetoshi Iwase
9. Feather: Wataru Miki 13-8-3 vs. 2-0-0 Masaaki Hasegawa
8. Fly: Takeyasu Hirono 8-15-4 vs. 0-2-0 Yoshihiro Matsunaga
7. Welter: Keitaro Maeda 3-3-1 vs. 1-0-0 Kenta Takagi
6. Feather: Wataru Takahashi 6-10-4 vs. 2-0-0 Nobutaka Hiyoshi
5. Light: Shinpei Sotoyama 7-3-2 vs. 3-1-0 Yoshiaki "Bancho" Takahashi

Preliminary Fights:
4. Light: Koji Ando 1-0-1 vs. 0-1-0 Masayoshi Ichikawa
3. Bantam: Hirokazu Nishimura 2-2-1 vs. 3-0-0 Shoko Sato
2. Bantam: Ryo Saito 0-1-0 vs. 0-2-1 Ryota Sasaki
1. Middle: Shuji Morikawa 0-2-1 vs. 0-10-0 Nobuhiro Tsurumaki


Anonymous,  6 December 2008 at 12:13  

Are there any results for the "preliminary fights"? Sherdog.com only covered the main card in it's play by play

Borre 6 December 2008 at 12:31  

Sorry, I am at home covering the K-1... I will update the results for this event later. Sherdog will probably be quicker for the results. ;)

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