12/31 DYNAMITE! - Press Conference

Tuesday 30 December 2008

At the press conference in Shinjuku today, it was confirmed that LeBanner has come down with the flu. There is still hope that Mark Hunt will get a fight tomorrow, but of course, it is very short notice.

Most of the attention from the Japanese media was today directed at the last 3 fights. They have a habbit of not asking "soup" questions, and today was no exception. They asked Joachim Hansen, JZ Calvan, Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki "What kind of fight you would like to have tomorrow?". As always, the answer was "an entertaining fight".

JZ and Joachim Hansen showed eachother a great deal of respect and both admitted that it will be a difficult battle. They both have a big fan base in Japan, and it will be an awesome fight!

Eddie Alvarez has brought it family this time, and his fight with Aoki is the final that should have been. Aoki has definately made an effort to become a more complete fighter after his loss to Hansen in DREAM 5, but I dont thing we are likely to see him bang with Alvarez.

Bob Sapp is a very popular fighter in Japan, and I think he actually got the biggest cheer. He said that Kinniku Mantaro will meet his worst nightmare tomorrow... Reality! Kinniku Mantaro was unable to answer, due to the mask...

As most of you would have seen, Crocop has spent a lot of time training with a Crotian basketball player. He highlighted the value of this in front of his fight with Hong Man Choi. I am really looking forward to it, it is a difficult challenge for both fighters and Choi should not be underestimated! I shouldnt need to remind anyone what Fedor looked like last NYE (I know he won, but HMC has a vicious GnP).

For tomorrow, I will be there. To my knowledge, if you are in Japan, but not in the arena, the earliest you can see this is at 7PM on TBS. This will of course be a edited version. There is a PPV on SkyPerfect, but this starts at mid-night.

I will try to give updates from the arena, but it will be impossible to give these live. I will give updates, but most likely in the breaks. Check in and I will do my best to have the results up as early aas possible!

Also, appologies for the pictures... I was all the way in the back and used the zoom as best I could, but people kept getting in the way. :) Anyway, here are some more.


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