12/31 Dynamite! - Results Live

Wednesday 31 December 2008

Event of the year is starting in 4 hours (3PM Japan time) in Saitama. I will be there, but focus will be taking pictres, not updating results. I will try to get results updated during the breaks though. Sherdog should have live PBP going, so they should be quicker with the results.

I am very happy that Manhoef stepped in on so short notice, and the fight with Hunt should be very interesting.

Time for me to get to the arena! If you read on, there will be spoilers when the event starts!

It is announced that "Hellboy" vs. JZ fight is cancelled!! It is due to injury on "Hellboy", the doctor stopped the fight!

The event is underway and I really hope the injury is not serious! I know Joachim was well prepared and it is very sad....

19. Main-Event: DREAM-Rule: Kiyoshi Tamura Def. Kazushi Sakuraba by Decision 3-0
18: DREAM-Rule: Joachim Hansen vs. "JZ" Gesias Cavalcante Cancelled :(
17: DREAM-Rule: Shinya Aoki Def. Eddie Alvarez by Heel-hook Round 1 1:32
16. DREAM-Rule: Melvin Manhoef Def. Mark Hunt by KO Round 1 0:18
Huge win for Manhoef! A right hook puts Hunt down!

15. K-1-Rule: Gegard Mousasi Def. Musashi by KO Round 1 2:32
Its been an awesome night for DREAM figthers fighting K-1 rules! What's going on??

14. DREAM-Rule: Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic Def. Hong Man Choi by TKO Round 1 6:32
Crocop announced that he will have a knee reconstruction in 2 days. He is looking forward to his next fight, but he will have to recover for 6 months.


13. K-1 Rule: Alistair Overeem Def. Badr Hari by KO Round 1 2:02
HUGE KO, and a BIG win!

12. K-1-Rule: Tatsuya Kawajiri Def. Kozo Takeda by TKO (3 down) Round 1 2:47
Crushing victory to Kawajiri!

11. DREAM-Rule: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai Def. Katsuyori Shibata by TKO Round 1 7:01
10. DREAM-Rule: Semmy Schilt Def. Mighty Mo by Triangle choke round 1 5:31
Schilt showed that he still has ground game!

9. DREAM-Rule: Bob Sapp Def. Kinniku Mantaro by TKO Round 1 5:22


8. K-1 Youth Tournament Final: HIROYA Def. Koya Urabe by Decision 3-0(after extention)

7. DREAM-Rule: Andy Ologun Def. Yukio Sakaguchi by KO Round 1 3:52
Sakaguchi looked like he had Andy in a triangle, but was unable to finish. Andy took advantage when the ref stood them up.

6. DREAM-Rule: Daisuke Nakamura Def. Hideo Tokoro by arm-bar round 1 2:43
Tokoro might have injured his arm, and this was a very exciting fight while it lasted.

5. K-1-Rule: Artur Kyshenko Def. Yoshihiro Sato by Decision 2-0
4. K-1 Youth Tournament (semi-final): Hiroya Def. Shota Shimada by Decision 3-0
3. K-1 Youth Tournament (semi-final): Koya Urabe Def. Tatsuya Kusakabe by TKO Round 3 2:29
2. DREAM-Rule: Ikuhisa Minowa "Minowaman" Def. Errol Zimmerman by Toe-hold round 1 1:01

Opening Fight:
1. K-1 Youth (Reserve): Taishi Hiratsuka Def. Daizo Sasaki by KO Round 2 1:00


Borre 31 December 2008 at 10:58  

I really hope its nothing too serious...

Anonymous,  31 December 2008 at 16:29  

Some kickboxing, and some mma. Opposed to zuffa's last event, which was all amateur kickboxing.

Overeem keeps looking better and better. I put him top 5 at hw for sure. Hari will be back.

Aoki is the best at lw. A few could beat him if he was injured or something.

The Manhoef ko was stunning. Imagine if this guy learns some sub defense.

Choi looked done from the word go. Crocop is best when he fights afraid.

Schilt did score the sub, but god those long legs are just as much a curse.

Losers wear tapout.

Good fir bob sapp. The big guy needed one. He looked in better shape too.

Kushi Purac 1 January 2009 at 22:33  

>Opposed to zuffa's last event, which was all >amateur kickboxing.

At least Im not the only one who remember the martial arts part of MMA.

The Manhoef result was stunning.

Awesome card even with Hansen out even though Saku wasnt competitive.

Anyone have a place where all the fights are together instead of hunting them on Youtube/Dailymotion?

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