New Pancrase and Kitaoka T-Shirts

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Pancrase has a very big event coming up this weekend, as always there will be an oppurtunity to buy a t-shirt to remeber the event. The Pancrase shirts are good quality and they have bigger sizes too, the biggest one even fits me!

Kitaoka has also released a new shirt. His previous one his logo (the bear) getting a guy in a guillotine choke, but after his performance in Sengoku I am sure we all agree that a ankle lock is more appropriate.

The Kitaoka shirt is available in the Pancrase Store now, I expect the other will be there after this Sunday's event.

The easiest way to get these shirts is ofcourse to go to the event. I am not sure if they ship overseas and unfortuantely the site is all in Japanese...

But to get your Pancrase goods, if you're in Japan is here.


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