12/21 ZST SWAT! 22 - RESULTS

Sunday 21 December 2008

ZST SWAT results from earlier today, SWAT is the lower level ZST fights and this event was held in Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex. In general, these events put on some good fights with good talents.

Today was no different and the main-event was an interesting fight between 2 fighters looking to make their mark in 2009. Ueda was previously undefeated, but Futatsumori pulled out a strong win with just 3 seconds left in Round 2.

Tamaru showed experience and pulled off a quick win against the inexperienced Takahashi.

Normally, a fight that goes the distance, it is a draw, but due to the tournamanet, some of these fights are judged.

There was drama in the fight between Alliance's Ito and U-File's Hamagishi. Hamagishi was going for a takedown when a perfectly placed knee by Ito split his forhead open. At first it seemed like the win was secured for Ito, but he was not using kneepads, something the regulations require if you are using knees. Ito was disqualified.

13. Main-Event - Light: Takahiro Futatsumori Def. Atsushi Ueda by rear-naked choke Round 2 4:57

Genesis Flyweight Tournament 2008 (2009?) 1st Round
12. Keisuke Tamaru Def. Masanori Takahashi by arm-bar Round 1 1:55
11. Hiroyuki Aoh Def. Shohei Yamamoto by decision
10. Yoshinari Shinba Def. Sohei Ogawa by decision
9. Yasushi Yasunaka Def. Masakatsu Sekiguchi by arm-bar Round 2 3:37

Genesis Welteweight Tomurnament 2008 1st Round
8. Masayuki Hamagishi Def. Hiroyuki Ito by DQ Round 1 0:20
7. Yoshinori Asano Def. Kendo Kouda by decision

Non-Tournament Fight:
6. Bantam: Takahiro Baba Def. Kei Sato by KO Round 1 0:18
5. Bantam: Tetsuya Fusano Def. Masatoshi Kondo by rear-naked choke round 2 3:26
4. Feather: Hiryu Okamoto vs. Takashi Otaki DRAW
3. Light: Keigo Hirayama vs. Masaya Toi DRAW
2. Feather: Naohiro Hasegawa Def. Takayuki Kishi by KO Round 1 1:07
1. Feather (GT-F Rule): Shinji Ejiri Def. Kohei Kuraoka by rear-naked choke Round 1 2:55


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