12/13 Shooto - Rookie Tournament Finals - LIVE Results

Saturday 13 December 2008

Tonight we are sure to see some Shooto stars born, the Rookie Tournament never fails to deliver. Who will it be this year? I will for the first time give live updates from the event.

I will just post small comments and the results as I am taking pictures and enjoying the event at the same time :).

Read on for spoilers! Of course the success of this depends on the reception in the arena, lets hope it works out! The event starts at 6PM Japan time.

The event has started, I will be updating the results live!

A very good event, the crowd really go into it and it makes these kind of events special! A lot of fun!

MVP was the Killer Bee figher Issei Tamura, he won the hotly contested lightweight final and will be one to look for in the future. "Kid" Yamamoto was there to cheer him on, and its easy to see why. A very talented fighter.

The crowd was backing Mikitoshi Yamagami though, he has always been a popular guy in Shinjuku Face, and you wont find a more vocal crowd in Japan.

The main event was a very good fight, Guy came out strong and go the take down. Milano was strong and avoided most of the damage in the 1st round. If the round was 30 seconds longer he would even have the fight. But to his enthusiastic fans, Delameau was saved by the bell when Milano had a rear-naked choke sunk in deep. In the second round, Delameau continued his powerful gnp and it paid dividend (unlike the Lehman sotck I had earlier this year), Milano defended well for a long time but in the end the ref had to save him from the Delameau onslaught. A stroung win for Guy Delameau in tonights main event!

8. Main-Event: Welter: Guy Delameau Def. Paulo Milano by TKO (gnp) Round 2 4:09

Rookie Tournament Finals:
7. Flyweight: Mikitoshi Yamagami Def. Junji “Sarumaru” Ito by Guilliotine choke ROund 2 Fight of the night so far!!
6. Lightweight: Issei Tamura Def. Naohiro Mizuno by Decision 3-0

Retirement ceremony of Adachi.

5. Featherweight: Kosuke Eda Def. Yoshihiko Oyama by rear-naked choke Round 1 3:02
4. Light-Heavy: Makoto Maeda “Chomolangma ½” Def. Takaaki Oban “C-Boy” by KO (BIG KO) Round 1
3. Bantam: Fumihiro Kitahara Def. Kentaro Watanabe by Decision 3-0
2. Middle: Takuya Sato Def. Takesuke Kume by Decision after extra round
1. Welter: Ikuo Usuda Def. Yukinari “Hibiki” Tamura by Decision 3-0


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