12/14 HEAT 8 - Differ Ariake - LIVE Results

Sunday 14 December 2008

I am ringside for this event, and it should be a good one. On the card are some very good fighters, among them Pride veteran Sentoryu, Kyokushin champion Ryuta Noji and Korean rising star Dong Yi Yang (the guy that got a controversial win over Pawel Nastula in Sengoku 4).

On the card are also middleweight kick- and welterweight MMA-rule fights. The winners will be crowned in HEAT 9 and will be awarded the HEAT championship belt and JPY1,000,000. There are some very talented fighters and you will hear more about guys like Justin Holdaas and Max Fernandez in the future!

These are the HEAT championship belts:
Kick-Rule Middleweight

MMA-Rule Welterweight

Today's main event will see Sentoryu face Junpei Hamada

It was my first time at a HEAT event, and their debut in Tokyo. Seeing it in that perspective, it was a very good event and I think the organizers should be very happy.

Sentoryu got a good win after almost 2 years out of the ring. He proved that he is still strong and the fight ended early in the 1st when Hamada looked like he was injured in a take down, it could have been a punch on the ground but to me it looked like Hamada was holding his arm. Either way, a strong performance by Sentoryu!

Fight of the night for me was the kick-rule fight between "Prince" Ali and Hiromi Amada. Iranian Ali came out strong and his counters and combinations were constantly landing. Both fighters needed to take count in the round, but Amada definately came out the loser in the 1st. The second round Amada got back into it, and inspite being bloody from the punishment in the 1st started finding his range. In the 3rd, Amada showed his experience. "Prince" Ali's corner was forced to throw in the towel to save him from the onslaught with less than 30 seconds to go.

The welterweight MMA rule fights went as I expected. Justin Holdaas and Max Fernandez both put in very strong performances and that should be a very good final! These are 2 fighters I am sure we will hear from in the future.

Fight Order:
Heavyweight tournaments 1st round:
11. Main-Event: MMA-Rule: Sentoryu Def. Junpei Hamada by KO Round 1 0:50
10. Kick-Rule: Hiromi Amada Def. "Prince" Ali by TKO (towel) Round 3 2:32
9. MMA-Rule: Dong Yi Yang Def. Ryuta Noji by TKO Round 2 3:46

8. Kick-Rule: Makoto Uehara Def. Sun Wu by TKO Round 2 1:10
A good fight that has an unexpected ending, in a scramble along the fence Wu comes out with a low blow of some sort. The ref didnt see any illegal blow and Wu's corner is forced to throw in the towel.

7. Kick-Rule: Moon Bo Ram Def. Nobutaka Baba by KO Round 2 1:07
Moon looked the stronger fighter in round 1, coming out in round 2 he lands a devastating right uppercut that ends the fight.

Non-Tournament Fights:
6. MMA Rule 88kg: Masataka Chinushi Def. Daiju Takase by TKO Round 2 4:57
With just seconds left of the fight Chinushi lands a right that knocks Takase to the ground. Chinushi follows up and the ref is forced to stop the fight.

There is a 10 minute break. There is a pretty goodd crowd in Differ Ariake, probably about 80% full, and good atmosphere.

5. Kick-Rule Open weight: Goutoku Onda Def. Yuuki by Decision 2-0
A very good fight! Both fighters were throwing bombs and the fans really got into it. In the end Onda got the ddecision.

HEAT MMA-Rule Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final:
4. Justin Holdaas Def. Yoshitaro Niimi by Decision 3-0
Holdaas was able to get takedowns and Niimi was not able to utilize his strenght on the groound. A good win, look out for Holdaas in the future!

HEAT Kick-Rule Middleweight Tournament Semi-Final:
3. Fabiakato "RS Promotion" Lukafa (?) Def. Jotaro Usui by Decision 2-0

HEAT MMA-Rule Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final:
2. Max Fernandez Def. Hyong Yo Im by toe-hold Round 1 1:22
Fernandez got out of several submission attempts by the Korean fighter, and once he got the chance he didnt miss it.

HEAT Kick-Rule Middleweight Tournament Semi-Final:
1. Kinji Def. Yuso Matsumoto by Decision 3-0
Strong performance by Kinji, Matsumoto had to take count several times during the fight, but survived until the end.


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