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Wednesday 3 December 2008

I have had a run of luck lately, and today has turned out to be that sort of day. I woke up expecting to do nothing more than to return some Shooto and SmackGirl videos, when I get a call from a friend asking if I wanted to come along to watch Kazuyuki Miyata train. There is really just one answer to a question like that, so I packed up my bags and an hour later I was in the gym.

Miyata is one of the fighters that you don't really read too much about, and I don't know why... He is a super nice guy, and really have what it takes to be a top fighter. An Olympic class wrestler (competed in Sydney 2000), and since then he has worked hard to be a complete MMA fighter. He has a professional record of 5-7, and his list of opponets is impressive.

His losses have only come against top guys, but he always goes out hard. His MMA debut was against Royler Gracie, and he was very close to getting the upset win in that fight.

Not only has he been in the ring with the best, but Miyata ALWAYS brings the fight and in my eyes he is one of the more entertaining fighters out there. Which is why very few of his fights go the distance (or even into the 2nd round).

I asked about his future plans, and he is hoping to be back in the ring in February/March but nothing is deceided yet.

Right now, he is working on setting up his own gym. He has to come up with a name, and even though he has some good ideas, suggestions are welcome (you can post as comment)!

For now, he is working on improving every part of his game. The practice I was watching was striking (technique, light sparring and bags). Miyata is taking his fighting very seriously, and you can expect improvements. Last year he spent some time at Buakaw's camp in Thailand to improve on his Thai/Kick boxing.

You will hear more about him in 2009, and I am sure whoever the opponent will be it will be an exciting fight. I found a highlight video on YouTube, you'll see what I mean.

I want to thank Sean and Miyata for letting me take some pictures of the training, I had a great time and will keep my eyes open for the next fight!


Anonymous,  3 December 2008 at 14:54  

Litt tynnere en meg ja, men det er fordi det brune dyret har tjukk pels

Anonymous,  3 December 2008 at 19:01  

WAR accerleration warrior...miyata trains with all kinds of top guys around the world. how does he afford this given how few fights he has had lately? do japanese olympians receive a stipend or pension? I know he was sponsored by reversal - maybe they pay for it?

Anonymous,  3 December 2008 at 20:14  

He's always seemed really small for LW. Too bad DREAM FW is at 138 lbs instead of 145 lbs.

Anonymous,  6 December 2008 at 12:21  

WTF, norsk på en japansk mma side? Nå har jeg sett det også ;) WAR Miyata!

Borre 6 December 2008 at 12:30  

Vi diskriminerer ikke her! LOL

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