Joachim "Hellboy" Hansen - Meeting His Sponsor

Thursday 25 December 2008

Today I was fortunate enough to get invited to Opera's office in Tokyo. Joachim was there to meet his sponsor for Dynamite! It is the Norwegian software company Opera.

Just so everyone knows, Joachim does use internet and the Opera internet browser! What for? Same as everyone else, I guess.

Joachim was not very open about his opponent on NYE, but he said that JZ is much improved since their last encounter. It is 4 years since "Hellboy" fought JZ last and since then JZ has been the HEROs champion and beaten some great fighters.

"Hellboy" recognizes that JZ's strength is his well rounded game, he is a dangerous opponent on the ground and standing. He feels some some pressure coming in the champion, but it is just another fight and thats how he approaches this battle.

Regarding the Aoki vs. Alvarez match-up, "Hellboy" says: "it could go either way. Aoki's strength is Alvarez's weakness. Their weaknesses play into each other and this should be a very good fight that could go either way."

You can't have a conversation for long with Joachim without going into his other passion, music. Joachim can go on for hours talking about his passions, let's just say that currently MMA is where he makes money. Music is a huge part of his leisure time though, and his band has recorded serveral songs. They have not deceided on a name for the band yet though, and I hope to have a link to some songs shortly.

Except MMA and music, Joachim likes Norse mythology and it is clear when you look at his tatoos and the t-shirt he has disigned himself. On the back of the shirt is a rune that Joacim also has tattooed on his right arm. The meaning of the rune is complicated, but is one of the 18 runes that were given to Odin as a source of wisdom, this particular rune is the one sympolizes family, land and prosperity.

Today Joachim was signing t-shirts and other Opera promotional products, and I am sure it will all be put to good use. Everyone's focus is on NYE though, "Hellboy" has had the best preperation bring training partners in from overseas.

I had a GREAT day in the Opera office, I am proud of being Norwegian today and Opera sponsoring "Hellboy" is a great match.


Anonymous,  25 December 2008 at 17:55  

Hansen always seems like a very cool guy in all the interviews I've seen of him. Like he just enjoys life, no matter what he's doing. Less than a week til fight time, whoo!

ylläpitäjä 25 December 2008 at 23:12 There is some music from Joachim's band i guess... On Hansen's Opera-page you can find a link to those songs, havent had i time to listen them yet thought.

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