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Monday 8 December 2008

After Saturday's K-1 results, there were bound to be reactions. Event producer Tanikawa states that:

It’s unprecedented, I’m speechless, I’m sure the judges will decide a heavy punishment. Possibly suspension or a fine.

And with that, I guess Badr Hari is off this year's Dynamite! card. Remember Akiyama was severly punished for his actions in the fight with Sakuraba, I don't think Hari will get as severe punishment, but...

As for Badr Hari, he was not too impressed by Bonjasky:

I want to apologize to the fans, but I don’t think that Remy was injured. He was writhing in pain but after the match he gave a fine speech didn’t he. I heard his corner say “don’t get up” too.

To be honest, this is a lame excuse from Hari... There was NO reason for him to give Banjasky that option. If I was suffering any sort of discomfort due to illegal and intentional actions from my opponent, why should I continue. Hari should NEVER have done what he did in the first place. No excuses needed.

The Japanese media is saying there were bad blood between these 2 even before this fight:

It was a championship match that the tide was rising for. Both the quarter-finals and semi-finals were won by KO. Last year both met in the quarter-finals and Bonjansky won by decision. Even before then Hari was publicly calling Bonjansky a “fake champ” and “the fighter I hate most.” It should have been a match to really decide.

As for Bonjasky, he takes his 3rd K-1 GP title. It was not the way he wanted the title, but deserved non the less. "The Flying Gentleman" said in his post fight comments that "It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It’s too bad."

So after all of this, the fans were robbed of the final they wanted to see.

Now we have to wait for K-1's reactions, but I am sure they will be strict.

Kimbo is clear what he thinks Hari's punishment should be:
“I want to fight him and teach him what sportsmanship is about….I want to give him a spanking.” As he called it, a "Spanking Match”

Kimbo also revealed that he might be coming to fight in K-1, it certainly seems like we will see him back shortly:
Do you think your specialty can work in K-1? 
-I think so. It’s definitely a thinkable category.

If you’re going to fight Badr Hari will it be K-1 rules?
-I want to give Badr Hari a spanking but I’m not able to nor do I plan to choose who I fight against. That’s up to the promoters.



Anonymous,  9 December 2008 at 06:58  

I just got a chance to watch the event today. overall it was a great event. I enjoyed it even though I rarely watch K-1. Badr Hari is a jackass but somehow I like him in spite of it, or maybe because of it. Perhaps he should switch to MMA, then he can strike anywhere :P

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