12/7 Pancrase - 3 More Fights Added

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Pancrase have added 3 more fights to their event on December 7. This is looking like a very strong event, but some times there are fights I get surprised by… This time Pancrase have announced a Welterweight King of Pancrase title fight, in the same event, they have the final in the Welterweight tournament… The winner of the tournament was meant to fight interim champion Wada for the title next year. It doesn’t matter much I guess, we will see how it all works out.

Another fight added is the heavyweight fight between Masayuki Kono and Bulgarian Stanislav Nedkov. I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but it is the first heavyweight fight I can remember in Pancrase since "Tiger" Abacus was meant to fight Assuerio Silva in October last year. I think there are a couple of things to read into this, Pancrase is setting a goal of building talent for Sengoku and Stanislav Nedkov could be a guy to watch out for in the future.

The last fight announced today is between this year's Neo-Blood tournament winner, Hirotoshi Saito and the very experienced Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi.

I am really excited about this event, some strong talent and good match-ups. This event now has 3(!) title fights and one tournament final. We are also expecting the newly crowned Light-Heavyweight champion, Ryo Kawamura to participate.

Welterweight King of Pancrase
Takuya Wada 17-8-9 vs. 6-3-4 Masahiro Toryu

Heavy: Masayuki Kono 3-4-0 vs. 3-0-0 Stanislav Nedkov
Feather: Hirotoshi Saito 2-0-0 vs. 9-5-8 Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi

Previously announced:
Bantamweight King of Pancrase Title Fight
Seiya Kawahara 6-0-0 vs. 6-5-1 Manabu Inoue

Lightweight King of Pancrase Title Fight
Katsuya Inoue 16-6-3 vs. 17-7-5 Koji Oishi

Welterweight Tournament Final 3x5min
Tomoyoshi Iwamiya 5-7-0 vs. 6-3-2 Hiroyuki Nozawa

Middle: Ichiro Kanai 8-9-3 vs. 10-20-4 Daijiro Matsui
Feather: Yuki Yashima 2-4-1 vs. 5-2-4 Yasutomo Tanaka

Ryo Kawamura 9-3-2
Maximo Blanco 1-0-0 (1 NC)


Anonymous,  12 November 2008 at 04:42  

i love pancrase, but this comment is from sengoku, this is the only way i can reach and tell you some news, im latin, so im transalating you a tatame.com.br article were sais that antonio silva "big foot" will indeed fight at sengokus january 4th show, it doesnt tell possble opponents but imo, fujita,wiuff or nakao can be good challenge for him, thanks

Borre 12 November 2008 at 07:50  


Thanks for that. Looks like a lot of EliteXC fighters might come over. Will be interesting to see how things develope.

It looks like there are still some legal issues to sort out, but hopefully he can sort them out.

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