11/24 Shoot Boxing - Fight Order

Wednesday 19 November 2008

Late November and early December will be a very busy time in Japan. One of the highlights is the upcoming Shoot Boxing event in Saitama Super Arena. As always, they are pulling in some big stars for this event.

There are a total of 16 (!) fights on the card, stars include Andy Souwer, Chris Horodecki, Kenichi Ogata and female idol Fuuka Kakimoto. I will give live results.

Remember, this is Shoot Boxing so not MMA as such. Standing submissions are allowed though. If you want to read up on the rules, you can find them here.

16. Main-Event: S-Cup Final: Winner Fight 12 vs. Winner Fight 13
15. 72kg: Koichi Kikuchi vs. Takaaki Umeno
14. 60kg: Pajunsuk Por. Pramuk vs. Jun Byun Gu (?)

S-Cup Semi-Finals:
13. Semi-Final 2: Winner QF3 vs. Winner QF4
12. Semi-Final 1: Winner QF1 vs. Winner QF2

11. 59kg: Akifumi Utagawa vs. Ken Shiratori
10. 50.8kg Female: Mai Ichi vs. Fuuka Kakimoto

S-Cup Quarter-Finals:
9. QF4: Andy Souwer vs. Edvin Kibus
8. QF3: Hiroki Shishido vs. Chris Horodecki
7. QF2: Denis Schneldmiller vs. Luiz Azeredo
6. QF1: Kenichi Ogata vs. Brian Lo-A-Njoe

5. 70kg: Gouki (?) Hishida vs. Hideyuki Yokoku
4. 50kg Female: Miku Matsumoto vs. Lena

Opening Fights:
3. 70kg S-Cup Reserve Fight A: Kenji Kanai vs. Wei Shoulei
2. 70kg S-Cup Reserve Fight B: Greg Foley vs. Oh Ju-Suk (?)
1. 57kg: Tatsuhiro Takashima vs. Atsushi Sakamura


Anonymous,  20 November 2008 at 01:12  

man i wish i could see some of these.

Anonymous,  23 November 2008 at 21:57  

how long until the fights start

Borre 24 November 2008 at 01:40  

The fights start at 4PM Japan time, there should be a Japan time clock at the bottom right of my site.

If you're not able to see it, this is a good site to keep track of different time zones:

It is 7.5 hours to go now.

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