4/5 DREAM 8 - LIVE Results

Sunday 5 April 2009

The event is underway in Nagoya. Some very good fights on the card, and I will give you the results live here.

Spoilers if you read on.

1. 88kg: Katsuyori Shibata 2-6-1 vs. 41-29-8 Ikuhisa Minowa
Shibata takes a surprising by deserved win! By Decision 3-0

2. 86kg: Andrews Nakahara 1-1-0 vs. 7-11-0 Shungo Oyama
Before this fight, I thought he first to take this fight to the ground will lose. Oyama is losing the battle on the feet and rates his ground skills, a good idea but the takedown attempt are not good enough. A right floors Oyama as he is trying to get up and the ref jumps in to save Oyama early in round 1. Andres Nakahara gets his second MMA win, TKO.

3. Light: Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro 19-2-0 vs. 4-4-1 Katsuhiko Nagata
Time for the return of "Shaolin"! It is the classic matchup between a wrestler and a BJJ practitioner, but it would take a brave man to bet against "Shaolin" even if he could feel the effects of ring rust.

Round 1
Nagata is trying to keep the distance with lowkicks early, but "Shaolin" dives in for the takedown. Nagata resists and ends up on top. "Shaolin" sweeps and has the wrestler on his back. Nagata works his way to a corner and is trying to get up, but "Shaolin" pulls him back down, then the ref pulls them out of the corner and back to the middle. It is not looking good for Nagata.

Shaolin has Nagata's side, but is unable to control and has barely thrown a punch. Eventually he moves to mount, half way through the round and "Shaolin" is not able to utilize on the advantage. He is controlling Nagata, but Nagata is very slippery. With 3 minutes left of the round Nagata looks like he is getting tired. "Shaolin" is hitting with punches now. A knee in side controll opens a huge cut over Nagata's right eye. The doctor stops the fight, a win for "Shaolin" in his return.

4. Middle: Riki Fukuda 13-4-0 vs. 16-9-1 Murlio "Ninja" Rua
Both fighters making their DREAM debuts. Riki Fukuda as a very late replacement for Dong Yoon Sik.

Round 1
The commentators ask "Kid", who knows Riki very well, what kind of fighter he is. Kid says he is very strong.

Fukuda starts the fight strong, keeping the fight standing and utilizing on his reach. "Ninja" closes the distance and goes for the takedown, Riki ends up on top and goes to work with punches. "Ninja" decides to stand up. Fukuda is controlling the fight now!! "Ninja" is in trouble and goes for the takedown again, this time his guard is looking better but Fukuda gets out and continues to rain down punches. "Ninja" attempts a heel hook, but Fukuda gets out. "Ninja" has turned the fight now, is Fukuda getting tired??

Fukuda has a cut on the right eye, and the doctor is in to check it. He is allowed to continue and has been able to catch his breath as well. "Ninja" finally gets a one-leg takedown and has the Japanese fighter on his back. "Ninja" works to sidecontrol, and is dominating Fukuda now. The doctor is called in to inspect Fukuda again. The fight continues with 2 minutes left in round 1. The fighters are looking tired, the punches have lost their power. Round 1 ends with the both fighters having their moments. "Ninja" looks a little fresher, but it is a close fight.

Round 2
Not much action. The fighters are chasing eachother without any real damage being done on the feet. Half the round gone and this will be hard to score if it continues. "Ninja" goes for the takedown, but Riki avoids and it is back to standing. Fukuda is using his reach well, but I am not sure it is enough to win the fight. "Ninja" is in real trouble now, but Fukuda gets too close and is unable to finish "Ninja" off. That probably won the fight for Riki Fukuda! We will go to decision.

The decision goes to Riki Fukuda 3-0!!!

5. Heavy: Sergey Kharitonov 16-3-0 vs. 29-8-0 Jeff Monson
Round 1
Kharitonov tries to keep Monson at a distance with jabs, but Monson gets the fight to the ground and eventually ends up in side control. Monson goes for a north-southchoke and it sticks! Monson wins a quick win by submission!

Featherweight GP:
6. Hideo Tokoro 21-15-1 vs. 10-5-3 Daiki "DJ Taiki" Hata
I think this could be fight of the night, 2 fighters with a lot of heart!

Round 1
Tokoro is circling with Taiki chasing, not able to close the distance. Tokoro moves in and hits with a combination, but it is not the start I expected... Tokoro takes the fight to the ground as Taiki gets to close. Tokoro has Taiki in his guard, and as long as this is on the ground it should favor Tokoro but Taiki is very difficult to finish. The ref stands them up.

Taiki continues to chase, and I cant remember Tokoro running like this... Tokoro tries a flying knee, but it does no damage. Finally they exchage for a bit, then Tokoro takes it to the ground again. Taiki gets up and the ref stands them up. Finally the fights starts, Tokoro jumps in with a knee and Taiki counters. The fight goes down again, this time Taiki follows with punches before deciding to stand up again (listening to his corner).

It is 1 minute left in a round that has been boring. A good exchange that Taiki gets the better of. Tokoro falls to the ground, but Taiki is unable to finish. The bell rings and I hope the 2nd round finishes where round 1 ended.

Round 2
Tokoro has Taiki's wrist, and it is stalemate as Tokoro is working the submission. Taiki escapes but is in Tokoro's guard, this time he doesnt stand up deceiding to give the crowd what they want. Nothing is happening and the ref stands it up. Taiki is looking tired and Tokoro is starting to get the better of the exchanges before he tries another takedown. The doctor is inspecting DJ Taiki's right eye, not sure if it was the same he damaged in his fight with Shoji.

As the fight starts it goes to the ground again. Taiki on top trying to get some gnp going. Time runs out, and it is probably the most boring fight I have seen from both of them... Or was my expectations too high...

It goes to the judges. DJ Taiki gets the decision 3-0!

The Featherweight Final 8 are in the ring (the Japanese part at least).
-Bibiano Fernandes
-Masakazu Imanari
-Joe Warren
-Norifumi Yamamoto
-Abel Cullum
-Yoshiro Maeda
-Hiroyuki Takaya
-Daiki Hata

The fights will take place May 26 in Yokohama Arena. There is a break now.

Welterweight GP Round 1:
7. John Alessio 24-12-0 vs. 2-0-0 Andre Galvao
The fighters are entering the ring.

Round 1
Alessio is keeping Galvao at a distance early, using his jabs. Galvaos 1st takedown attempt is unsuccessful, but is second gets the fight to the ground. Galvao is tring to get Alessio on his back, but Alessio is able to get back up. Galvao is standing behind him though, and he is not safe yet. Galvao takes Alessio down and gets his back. Galvao has the body lock in, but is not able to get the hooks in.

Not able to get the rear naked, Galvao tries a facelock but Alessio resists. Trying something new, Galvao tries an arm-bar and it looks tight. Alessio fighting to stay in the fight. Eventually the arm-bar sticks and Alessio taps.

8. Marius Zaromskis 8-2-0 vs. 18-14-5 Seichi Ikemoto
Osaka resident Seichi Ikemoto should have the crowd on his side in this one.

Round 1
Ikemoto is very agressive with kicks early, and Zaromskis looks in trouble for a second. He recovers and Ikemoto takes it to the ground, the DEEP Champion in side control. Ikemoto's leg-kicks look like they are doing some damage.

Zaromskis take the fight to the ground now and has side control. They stand up again, and a flying knee from Ikemoto is close to sending Zaromskis down. Ikemoto is chasing now. 4 minutes left and this is looking like a very good fight, but Ikemoto has been getting the better of the exchanges so far. Zaromskis looks like he is coming back now, but there is still lots of fight left in both of them. Ikemoto will have a hard last minute here, Zaromskis is looking very strong now but Ikemoto fights back. The bell rings and Ikemoto is looking very tired in his corner.

Round 2
Zaromskis is looking the fresher and is starting with low-kicks. Ikemoto tires a takedown, but is only partially successful, he ends up on the ground with Zaromskis standing in his guard. Again Ikemoto tries a takedown, and this time it works. He is on top in Zaromskis guard. Ikemoto is punching from Zaromskis guard, but it is not looking very effective. It is scoring points though, and Zaromskis deceides to stand up.

Ikemoto is very tired again in the last minute, Zaromskis throwing knees as the bell rings. A close fight, but Zaromskis should get it, especially since Ikemoto falls to the ground as after the bell. He gets up, but if it had been another 10 seconds Zaromskis would bave finished it.

Zaromskis gets the decision 3-0, a very good fight!

9. Yuya Shirai 15-7-0 vs. 6-1-0 Jason High
Round 1
The fight has started and High showes his power straight off. Shirai is knocked down and High gets his back. The hooks are in, and Shirai goes to sleep 1 minute into the fight.

10. Main-Event: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai 34-8-2 vs. 20-3-0 Shinya Aoki
This will be a tough fight, I know Sakurai will try to make this a streetfight. Not an easy thing to do with Aoki.

Round 1
"Mach" comes rushing in, and Aoki gets him on his back. Not where he wants to be. "Mach" turns it over gets some knees in and starts pounding! Aoki is out! 27 seconds KO!


Anonymous,  5 April 2009 at 14:29  

I knew mach would win

Anonymous,  5 April 2009 at 14:54  

wow great event. wish i would noticed you were doing live results. i would have came and commented/chatted.

i knew he could, but didn't think he would. he didn't come to fuck around at all. great performance.

Borre 5 April 2009 at 14:56  

I actually overslept, so started a little later than I should have...

Mach really impressed me, but I know he was very motivated for this fight.

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