4/3 ShootBoxing - RESULTS *Azeredo in a close fight*

Saturday 4 April 2009

There are a couple of things that are guarateed when ShootBoxing puts on an event in Korakuen Hall. One is that it will be just about a full house, it will also be a very good value ticket. And lately their events have featured some high profile MMA stars trying out this sport. For those who dont know what ShootBoxing is, it is something like Strike Box. It is K-1 rules, with standing submissions and takedowns. No ground fighting though. If you want to have a closer look at the rules, here is a link: www.shootboxing.org.

Yesterday the MMA stars were represented by Shooto star Mamoru "The Fro" Yamaguchi, Pride veteran Luiz Azeredo and HEROs veteran Bernard Ackah.

Azeredo fought in the main-event taking on ShootBoxing star Hiroki Shishido, and it was a very close fight. All the judges scored it 30-30 after 3 rounds, but in the first extention round Shishido got the decision 3-0 (10-9 from all judges).

11. Main-Event 70kg: Hiroki Shishido Def. Luiz Azeredo by Decision ext. round 3-0
10. 70kg: Takaaki Umeno Def. Takashi Ono by Decision 3-0
9. Heavy: Bernard Ackah Def. Masahiro Iwashita by Decision 2-0
8. 55kg: Akito Sakimura Def. Mamoru Yamaguchi by Decision 3-0 (3x30-29)
7. 60kg: Hiroaki Suzuki Def. Akifumi Utagawa by Decision 3-0
6. 60kg: Takashi Ishikawa Def. Mitsuhisa Sunabe by Decision 3-0
5. Koya Shimada Def. Hiroyuki Yamashiro by Decision 3-0
4. 57kg: Kazuyuki Fushimi Def. Hiroshi Funabashi by Decision 3-0

Starting Fights:
3. 70kg: Takafumi Yamazaki Def. Shota Watanabe by Decision 3-0
2. 55kg: Hiroaki Okuwa Def. Hiroshi Takashima (?) by Decision ext. round 2-1
1. 71kg: Masatomi Kawachi Def. Shinichiro Kurogi By Decision ext. round 3-0


Glenn Fearnley 5 April 2009 at 01:53  

wow, ALL decisions, that's surprising.

- goforkyourself

Borre 5 April 2009 at 12:06  

Yeah, I was thinking the same as I was typing it out.

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