Tuesday 14 July 2009

I have been a bit late with these results, it was a great grappling card and it created a lot of attention.

I saw the results were posted in Japanese in the comment field, but if you were not able to see that, here they are in English.

16. Marcos "Marquinhos" Souza Def. Motoki Miyazawa by point 42-7
15. Rafael Mendes Def. Katsuya Toida by rear-naked choke Round 1 0:58
14. Kohei Yasumi Def. Taisho by points 18-1
13. Tetsu "Hadairo" Suzuki vs. Takayuki Hiose Draw (7-7)
12. Rikako Yuasa Def. Atsuko "Bull Fight - Sora" Emoto by points 13-1
11. Roberto Souza Def. Kotetsu Yamauchi by baseball choke 3:03
10. Yoshinori Fukumoto Def. Yuichi Ozono by guilotine choke 2:38
9. Sotaro Yamada Def. Matius Irie Kineo by point 17-2

Opening Fight:
8. Takumi Murata Def. Leandro Yamashita by points 2-0
7. Yasuyuki Yamamoto Def. Shinichiro Eguchi by points 4-2
6. Koji Shimazaki vs. Takehiro Iseya Draw
5. Ko Kiuchi vs. Kohei Nishibayashi Draw

Future Fight:
4. Yuto Hirao Def. Takamasa Kiuchi by point 9-0
3. Yuji Arai vs. Hideki Sekine Draw
2. Junior Handa Def. Yudai Mori by point 2-0
1. Satoru Enomoto Def. Tatsunori Kikuchi by points 6-2


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