7/19 Shooto - Revolutionary Exchanges 1 "Undefeated" - Fight Order

Saturday 11 July 2009

Shooto promotor Sustain have announced the new name for their series, previously they were celebrating the 20 years anniversary with "Tradition", now they are looking ahead with Revolutionary Exchanges.

The card is looking very good, with a title fight and a champion on the card. In addition to that there are some very interesting matchups. The flyweight rankings will most likely get some changes with #3 ranked "Heat" Takeshi taking on #5 Atsushi Takeuchi.

Also some news following the final Tradition card, Shooto champion Nakakura suffered a detached retina in his left eye following the KO he suffered in his loss to Gomi. He has undergone surgery, but is unsure about his future in the ring.

Main-Event: Featherweight Title Fight:
10. Masakatsu Ueda 9-0-2 vs. 7-1-0 Eduardo Dantas

9. Bantam: Jucie Formiga 2-0-0 vs. 10-3-1 Shinichi "BJ" Kojima
8. Fly: "Heat" Takeshi Sato 8-6-1 vs. 6-4-2 Atsushi Takeuchi
7. Bantam: Yasuhiro Akagi 6-4-0 vs. 7-3-1 Masaaki Sugawara
6. Welter: Shinji Sasaki 7-2-0 vs. 8-3-5 Yukinari Tamura
5. Light: Taiki Tsuchiya 4-2-0 vs. 5-3-0 Kazuhiro Ito

Rookie Tournament 2nd Round:
4. Light: Tsuneo Kimura 3-1-0 vs. Yoshinao Oki
3. Welter: Hiroki "KG Shinto" Kuga 2-1-0 vs. 1-1-0 Munehiro "Mike" Kin
2. Welter: Koji Nishioka 0-0-1 vs. Harada
1. Feather: Kota Onojima 1-0-0 vs. Inagaki


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