7/5 ZST SWAT! 26 and 27 - Results

Sunday 5 July 2009

ZST held a double event in Omori Golds Gym earlier today. Both events were the Genesis tournement 1st round.

Earlier in the day were the lighter guys, with the bantam, feather and half of the flyweight fighters.

Starting at 4.30 PM local time were the light, welter and the second half of the flyweight fighters.

ZST - SWAT! 27

Genesis Tournament Round 1:

Light: Yosuke Akahiro Def. Shingo Matsuda by Decision
Light: Yutaka Inada Def. Hiroshi Sato by Decision
Light: Motoyoshi Osako Def. Atsushi Ueda by Decision
Light: Kazuto Nakamura Def. Takashi Yasui by Decision

Fly: Hayasaka Def. Zenya Shinba by Decision
Fly: Keisuke Hashimoto Def. Masakatsu Sekiguchi by Decision

Welter: Toshinobu Koike Def. Tatsuya Ohitsu by Decision
Welter: Masayuki Hamagishi Def. Osamu Mori by arm-lock Round 1 1:06
Welter: Yuki Yamamoto Def. Kendo Koda Yamamoto won, as Koda was injured and not able to fight
Welter: Yuta Uehara Def. Masato Ogura by KO Round 2 4:47

GT-F Light: Yusei Kawana vs. Toshihisa Shinomiya Draw
GT-F Feather: Makoto Arai vs. Kenji Fukuda Draw

ZST - SWAT! 26

Genesis Tournament Round 1:

Feather: Nobuhito Irei Def. Takahiro Baba by Decision
Feather: Masamitsu Nakamura Def. Shinya Irei by Anaconda choke Round 1 3:52
Feather: Kei Tanikawa Hayato Sawai by KO Round 1 0:16
Feather: Hirofumi Abe Def. Yasuo Munakata by Decision

Fly: Toru Sakakibara Def. Keisuke Tamaru by Decision
Fly: Teppei Shimizu Def. Hiroyuki Naito by knee-bar Round 1 4:52

Bantam: Tetsuya Fusano Def. Kengo Okubo by TKO Round 1 3:59
Bantam: Naohiro Hasegawa Def. Soji Shinbori by Decision
Bantam: Takatoshi Kawamura Def. Makoto Takenaka by Triangle Choke Round 1 4:14
Bantam: Yuji Komori Def. Shigeru Naruse by Decision

Non-Tournament Grappling:
GT-F Feather: Yuji Nakamura vs. Shunsuke Nakai
GT-F Feather: Toshihiro Shimizu vs. Hitoshi Makino Draw


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