8/2 K-1 World GP - Asia GP - Participants Announced

Friday 10 July 2009

FEG have announced some participants for the Asian GP being held in Seoul, South Korea.

I think it is always fun to see people I know being recognized for their performance and hard work. I caught up with Koichi in December last year, he was then training hard for his upcoming title fight in M-1 (Muay-Thai). He won that fight, and will come in with the M-1 heavyweight title. Koichi has a Kyokushin background and always leaves it all in the ring, and I am looking forward to seeing him fight here.

For the other fighters, I know very little Takumi Sato also has a Kyokushin background and he got to the semi-final in the K-1 Japan GP last year. On that occation he lost a decision to Keijiro Maeda (the current Heavyweight champion)

Takumi Sato
Park Yong Soo
Kim Young Hyun
Singh Jaideep
Ko Taisei


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