8/8 Pancrase Neo-Blood Finals

Thursday 2 July 2009

Pancrase have announced another 6 fights for the next Changing Tour event, this event will also be the Neo-Blood finals.

Added is one of Pancrase's biggest stars, Yuki Kondo, who will be taking on debutant (as far as I know) Kim Ki-Beom. Yuki Kondo is a fighter that has seen it all and fought at all levels in his very long career, he will draw a crowd to watch this fight. Kondo is coming off a loss to Yuki Sasaki in Sengoku and he will be looking to bounce back here.

Also added is a very interesting match-up betweeen Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi and Cage Warriors veteran Tomonari Kanomata.

In addition to the Neo-Blood finals, there are 2 title fights on this card as well. Sengoku training fighter, Maximo Blanco gets a shot at the Pancrase lightweight title against the experienced champion, Katsuya Inoue. It will be war, and if he contains his excitement, I think Blanco will outpower his opponent.

Middle: Yuki Kondo 49-23-6 vs. Kim Ki-Beom (?)
Welter: Masahiro Toryu 6-4-4 vs. 24-30-11 Kosei Kubota
Feather: Tashiro "Akai" Nishiuchi 11-5-9 vs. 13-4-3 Tomonari Kanomata
Light: Kenichi Serizawa 5-3-3 vs. 6-7-0 Eriya Matsuda
Welter: Asaki Honda 5-3-1 vs. 1-1-1 Shingo Suzuki
Feather: Hideo Matsui 0-7-2 vs. 2-0-0 Yusuke Kawanako

Previously Announced:
Middleweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
Izuru Takeuchi (Champion) 25-10-6 vs. 9-5-4 Takenori Sato

Lightweight King of Pancrase Title Fight:
Katsuya Inoue (champion) 18-6-4 vs. 2-2-1 Maximo Blanco

Light: Keigo Hirayama 7-5-3 vs. 2-2-1 Junichi Ota
Light: Flavio Tanaka 1-1-0 vs. 1-0-0 Juntaro Ami
Bantam: Shoko Sato 3-1-0 vs. 1-3-0 Ryo Saito
Fly: Keiji Nakamura 0-2-0 vs. 3-1-0 Daisuke Tsujita

Neo-Blood Tournament Finals:
Fly: Yuichiro Yajima 7-6-1 vs. 2-2-1 Kiyotaka Shimizu
Bantam: Ryota Sasaki 3-2-1 vs. 2-4-1 Nobuhiro Yoshitake
Feather: Shigeyuki Uchiyama 6-0-0 vs. 1-0-0 Yo Saito
Light: Hiroshi Toyama vs. 3-0-0 Isao Kobayashi

Kenji Arai
Koji Oishi


Chris 2 July 2009 at 23:23  

Stacked card! Looking forward to this one.

Borre 3 July 2009 at 07:56  

Agree, very good card and lots of fights.

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