12/31 K-1 Dynamite! - RESULTS

Wednesday 2 January 2008

The K-1 NYE card was as expected... I feel like 50% of the fighters spent their time running away from their oponent. Thats not what I expect to see when I sit down to watch top fighters battle it out.

However, some fights did live up to the expectations. KID dominated Rani Yahya, unfortunately, he too tried to finish the fight with an illegal kick (in his case it didnt hit). But over-all a good performance.

Joachim Hansen was very good in his fight. He took care of Miyata easier than I expected, and shows that he is back! In my mind, this was fight of the night and I look forward to seeing Joachim in the ring agian in 2008! There is no doubt that next time I will be in the crowd.

Tamura submitted Tokoro after a very hard fight. Minowa spent 2 rounds trying to make Zulu tired by running around him, something that didnt work as Zulu was standing in the middle waiting for him.

For the K-1 rules fights, the best fight was the Musashi vs. Ackah fight. Musashi won in the end, but Ackah put in a good effort.

Opening fights, K-1 rules
Ryo Murakoshi Def. Arata Fujimto by KO, Round 1, 2:00
Takashi Tachikawa Def. Yoshihisa Inoue by KO, Round 1 1:43

1- K-1 U-18 semi-final: HIROYA Def. Kizaemon Saiga by decision 3-0
2- K-1 U-18 semi-final: Yudai Def. Kenji Kubo by decision 3-0

3- HERO’s: Joachim Hansen Def. Kazuyuki Miyata by Rear-naked Choke, Round 2 3:33
4- HERO’s: Melvin Manhoef Def. Yusuke Nishijima by KO, Round 1 1:49
5- HERO’s: Zulu Def. Minowaman by TKO, Round 3 2:13
6- HERO’s: Kiyoshi Tamura Def. Hideo Tokoro by arm-bar, Round 3 3:08
7- U-18 tournament final: Yudai Def. Hiroya by decision (after extention) 2-1
8- K-1: Musashi vs. Bernard Ackah by KO, Round 3 1:26
9- K-1: Nicolas Pettas vs. Kim Young-Hyun by TKO, Round 2 0:41
10- K-1: Masato vs. Choi Yong-Soo by TKO, Round 3 0:51
11- HERO’s: Bob Sapp Def. Bobby Ologun by KO, Round 1 4:10
12- HERO’s: Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto Def. Rani Yahya by KO, Round 2 3:11
13- HERO’s: Kazushi Sakuraba Def. Masakatsu Funaki by arm-lock, Round 1 6:25


Keiki 7 January 2008 at 11:31  

Yes, our Norwegian MMA fighter Joachim Hansen won the Japanese guy Kazuyuki Miyata. It seemed that was not easy fighting with such a strong pressure, but he done the great match.

Anyway, Opera launched his fan community site Team Joachim Hansen. Now you can have a chance to get his autographed T-shirts which the same design he wore at the match. Welcome!

Borre 7 January 2008 at 18:23  

Thanks for the info! His fight was very good and Miyata is a fighter that should not be underestimated!

Hope to see Joachim back here soon!!

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