Paul McVeigh interview

Sunday 27 January 2008

My first interview. Paul McVeigh is going to fight in the Cage Force bantamweight tournament this year, this will be his first fight in Japan and hopefully he will make an impact and it will be interesting to see what the Cage Warriors champion can do here.

Thanks to Paul for answering my questions and Ian for setting it up!

(All photos are copyright Robert Swann/Cage Warriors)

JM: Congratulations on making the Cage Force tournament! Have seen in interviews that you wanted to fight in Japan, and now you get a chance, what should the Japanese fans expect from you?
PM: An aggressive Irish midget with interesting hair attacking anyone he is locked in a cage with. Ill try not to attack the referee but I make no promises.

JM: Have you been to Japan before?
PM: Yeah last year I was staying with a friend and was able to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Miyajima. I have traveled a bit and Japan is my favourite place so far. The Japanese people like otaku, in Scotland they beat me up and steal my comics.

JM: Do you have any rituals you go through before a fight?
PM: I go through my usual warm ups and sports psychology stuff to prepare for battle. That and I usually eat my entire bodyweight in chocolate after weigh ins.

JM: Are you planning to train in Japan before/after your fights? Have you been in touch with anyone over here?
PM: I hope so I really enjoyed getting beat up in Purebred Omiya when I was there. Everyone was really cool and the showed me some stuff even though my Japanese is bad. I was only there for a week but id like to go back.

JM: Do you know anything about the other competitors in this tournament? Anyone in particular you want to fight?
PM: I know about all the guys who have been mentioned so far. I have been watching the bantamweight divisions all over the world in case a promotion pays them to attack me. Mizugaki looks good, his fight with Kenji Osawa a few years ago was awesome.

JM: Who would be your dream opponent?
PM: Koda Kumi in a naked wrestling match.

JM: How do you celebrate a victory?
PM: Mostly with beer. 10 weeks training and not drinking alcohol is super tough for Irish dudes.

JM: What has been your toughest fight to date?
PM: Fighting is the reward you get for training hard. Fighting is fun, getting up and being beaten up by guys who are better than me and usually bigger than me is hard. The training is the toughest part.

JM: What are your plans after 2008?
PM: I would like to win the Cage Force tournament and then beat Chase Beebe for the WEC bantamweight title. After that id like to move up to heavyweight and flying arm bar Fedor.

Next up I would start my singing career and end 2010 as the world favourite country and western artist. Using this universal popularity I would then move into the world of politics and turn my attention towards ending all world conflicts and ushering in an era of World piece with me, of course, as the King of the Earth.

That’s for starters anyway.


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