Best BJJ in MMA?

Saturday 19 January 2008

I see a lot of discussion around who has the best BJJ in MMA. More often than not, no one mentions Jon Olav Einemo. In my mind he at least deserves a mention. I know a lot of people will look at his record and say "Werdrum beat him". BUT Werdrum beat him by not going to the ground, Einemo also fought most of the fight with a broken nose unable to breath through it.

He is the only fighter to beat Roger Gracie (2003 taking the ADCC title). I would love to see Jon Olav back in the ring soon, he was one of the fighters suffering from the Pride purchase.

Anyway, here is his fight against Erka Sahlstrom in 2000. I know its old, but not that many Einemo fights out there and I have already posted Einemo vs. Fyeet.


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